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It’s Water Retention!

It’s Water Retention! 5/10/2020 0

Are you feeling fluffy? It’s water retention and not fat, so relax.   Water retention is very common when you restrict your calorie intake just like on the HCG diet. Usually, the impact is mild. Sometimes it can be big enough to mask...

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Portion Control on Phase 3 27/07/2020 0

Worrying about overeating during the maintenance phase? It can be scary sometimes especially if it’s your first time on the HCG Diet. You are just coming off from a very low-calorie restriction and then suddenly, you are given the freedom to eat al...

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Summer Foods for HCG Diet

Summer Foods for HCG Diet 23/05/2020 0

Summer is the perfect time for cool and refreshing dishes like frozen treats and fresh salads. However, with the pandemic outbreak upon us, we’re all safely tucked inside our home counting the days when our lives would resume normalcy. This doesn...

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Week 2 and 3 Menu Ideas to Stabilize your Weight

Week 2 and 3 Menu Ideas to Stabilize your Weight 22/05/2020 0

Sample Menus for the 2nd week of Phase 3 Breakfast Options Breakfast option #1: 2 eggs with blueberries in sugar-free yogurt Breakfast option #2: 2 egg scrambled with mushroom, inion, pre-cooked turkey sausage and shredded cheese Breakfast option #3:...

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Sample Menu Ideas to Stabilize your Weight

Sample Menu Ideas to Stabilize your Weight 18/05/2020 0

Phase 3 of the HCG Diet is as important as the very low calorie diet phase and many dieters may not actually realize its importance. Phase 3 is where your metabolism kicks up and your new weight gets set.  You are training your body to accept mo...

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HCG Diet Tips on COVID Outbreak 11/05/2020 0

Proper nutrition and hydration are vital during this time of outbreak whether you are on or off the HCG Diet. A well-balanced diet is particularly crucial in times when you need your immune system to fight back.   Eating varieties of fresh ...

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