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Weight Loss

Yay and Nay Drinks on The HCG Diet? 3/08/2020 0

The HCG Diet is a great way to kick start your way into eating a more natural and healthier diet. There are restrictions of course- eating 500 calories a day, no oils allowed even on cosmetics, fewer carbs, no sugar, and many others. However, if you ...

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Roadblocks to Weight Loss Goals: How to Avoid Them 20/07/2020 0

Losing weight sounds so simple, you make changes-diet, habits, exercise and you’re skinnier but weight loss is often too tricky and the HCG Diet is no exemption to that. There can be so many roadblocks ahead that will keep you from reaching your we...

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Asparagus on the HCG Diet

Asparagus on the HCG Diet 14/07/2020 0

Asparagus is a green veggie known for its slender spears. The bright and somewhat earthy flavor is only one reason to love it. This yummy veggie is packed with good things for your body. It’s low in calories with many essential vitamins, minerals, ...

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Low Carb Diet Tips on Phase 3 29/06/2020 0

Phase 3 of the HCG Diet sits somewhere in the middle. Here, you gradually increase your calorie intake as you reintroduce foods back into your diet. Part of which are carbohydrates. As far as nutrition is concerned, the consumption of carb remains on...

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Detox Bath to Rejuvenate You on the HCG diet

Detox Bath to Rejuvenate You on the HCG diet 22/06/2020 0

One of the best ways to relax and reward yourself from successfully surviving the weight loss phase is to take a warm detoxifying bath. A detox bath is extremely beneficial during the HCG Diet as it assists your body in clearing up wastes and acid lo...

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Cheating During the Maintenance Phase of the HCG Diet 17/06/2020 0

Let’s admit it. Eating the same phase 3 foods day after day can be boring. Maybe not now but it’s going to happen at some point during your diet. You’ll get tired and drained of having to eat the same foods and you think of cheating. Cheating c...

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Alcohols on the Maintenance Phase of the HCG Diet 8/06/2020 0

Weight loss and alcohols are complicated issues as alcohol can make weight loss and weight stabilization difficult. For many dieters, avoiding alcoholic beverages may be difficult, even impossible at all. Is alcohol bad for weight loss? Alcohol and w...

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Phase 3 Healthy Morning Foods 6/06/2020 0

Having a good breakfast during phase 3 of the HCG diet is the perfect start to your day. Starting your P3 day with a healthy breakfast can curb cravings and help keep you full until lunchtime with minimal snacking. A well-balanced breakfast will prov...

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Weight Gain on Phase 3, What to Do? 3/06/2020 0

Weight gain during phase 3 of the HCG Diet is normal especially during the first week. Once you are off the 500 calorie diet, you must be cautious not to slip back into your old habits. No matter how successful you are during the second phase it does...

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