The Danger of Diet Soda

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The Danger of Diet Soda

Diet soda has now become a popular alternative for high-calorie drinks. It actually has zero to no calorie at all and it’s very low in sugar but don’t let this deceive. Despite being labelled as sugar-free and calorie-free, the health effects of diet soda and the artificial sweeteners in it are a bit controversial.  

You may think that a low calorie option is better but you have take into consideration the health risk associated with diet soda. Most of the diet sodas you can buy in the grocery store are contains artificial sweeteners. Just because diet soda is delicious does not mean that it is healthy. It is not a safe alternative to other high-calorie drinks. Diet soda may not contain the actual sugar but it has high levels of harmful industrial food sweeteners that have the same effect as the actual sugar.  

What are the dangers of diet soda to your HCG diet? 

  • Diet sodas can help you reach a short term weight loss but it will not last long. The harmful chemicals in it can trigger your cravings. 
  • A long term exposure to artificial sweeteners in diet soda can lead to depression, weight gain, or weight stalls. The satiety that you will get in drinking soda is temporary and it does not curb your cravings. 
  • Drinking diet soda will make your body start to crave more sugary foods. It triggers the reward center of your brain that stimulates your appetite. This can lead to overeating on Phase 2 of the HCG diet. 
  • The artificial sweeteners from diet soda make your pancreas create insulin. It causes your body to have excessive insulin which triggers diabetes and high blood cholesterol levels. 
  • Drinking diet soda during the HCG diet makes your body start to store fats and makes it hard to lose.  

Can you have alternative drinks for soda during the HCG diet? 

You can enjoy delicious treats even when you quit on soda during the HCG diet. When you stop consuming something bad, there will always be a better treat ahead. If you are craving for a sweet drinks when you’re on the HCG diet, you can try having a freshly-squeezed fruit such as orange or grapefruit. Prepare a healthy fruit drink that does not interfere with the work of HCG in your body. 

Does quitting diet soda help in treating weight-related diseases? 

There is no direct basis for the healing of diseases by quitting soda. However, it can help lessen the symptoms. When you stop consuming sugary drinks, your body will take a break from receiving unhealthy chemicals. Through this process, the cells of your body will start to renew. Since you’re not allowed to consume sugary drinks on the HCG diet, you’re giving your body some break and your cells some time to renew.  

The HCG diet protocol prohibits HCG dieter’s from consuming sugary drinks like diet soda.  Diet soda can ruin your diet. It’s even link with obesity. So, avoid diet soda and you will thank yourself later.