Weight Loss Journal on HCG

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Studies have shown that successful dieters do keep with them a diet journal to track down their successes and failures on their way in achieving their weight loss goal. The same goes for the HCG dieters.  Most HCG dieters who are successful in long-term weight loss use diet journals.

What to write on your HCG Diet journal

  1. Track down your daily weigh-ins and write it on your journal

Track your everyday weight loss result including the ones from the tape measure then write them down on your diet journal. This way will know how much weight you’ve exactly lost and how many inches were taken off from your body. If you are doing many rounds, simply look through your journal to track your overall weight loss and what you did on each round.

  • Write what you eat

Do this every day. Write what you eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. Do not forget to include the portions when writing them down. Writing down what you eat will prevent you from eating things too often. This will also help you track what foods you’ve eaten that cause your weight loss stall.

  • Write your meal plan

Write down your meal plan for the week. This will prevent you from eating anything not on the plan; prevent you from overeating and snacking on foods that aren’t HCG Diet-friendly and, give you an extra will-power to avoid temptations.

  • Write what you feel and anything related to your weight loss journey

The HCG Diet journal will help you know and understand your body well and how well your body works. The HCG Diet will also serve as your guide when you embark on another HCG Diet round.

  • Write your target weight

Write your target weight on the front page of your journal to help you become more focused on what you really want to achieve.

  • Write your hunger level

This is a valuable factor to include in your diet journal. Writing you’re your hunger level, if there is, will make you aware of why you are eating and how much you are eating.

  • Write about how you feel

Write down how you feel before and after eating to help you identify the true reasons why you are eating. Once you have identified the emotional connections to eating, you can work your way towards meeting those emotional needs and eat healthily.

Tips in starting an HCG Diet journal

Tip#1 Figure what type of journal works best for you. There are many types of journal available. Some of which can be downloaded online and some can be bought in bookstore. Figure out what works best for you. If you prefer the old fashion method, then choose the pen and paper. However, if you find that writing isn’t your thing, there are tons of diet journal apps that you can search online.

Tips#2 As soon as you are done with your meal, log everything there is on your plate. Don’t wait until the day is done because you are likely to forget what you ate and the portions. Include all the beverages too. Try drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day. Teas and coffee can be considered extra and should not be counted with water.

Tip#3 Keep an accurate record. Don’t cheat. When you cheat on your journal, you are only cheating on yourself and your health. Hold yourself accountable when logging into your journal.

Tip#4 Set goals and write them down on the front page of your diet journal. Setting a goal will motivate you more and keep you more focus on your diet.

Tip#5 Be mindful of your portions. You’ll be surprised what one serving is. Read package labels and be mindful of what’s listed at the back. Eating an extra piece of carb portion can throw off your calorie count anywhere from 25-100 calories.

The benefits of using a diet journal when on the HCG Diet

Keeping a diet journal when on the HCG Diet can benefit you in a lot of ways. The simple act of writing down what you eat, and how you feel before and after you eat can positively impact your entire weight loss journey. Here are a few benefits of keeping a diet journal.

  1. Better awareness– A diet journal makes you more aware of your food choices and will encourage you to be more mindful of what and what not to eat during each phase of the HCG Diet. Your diet journal will shed a light on your eating patterns and will help you identify trigger foods that cause weight loss stalls.
  2. Accessibility– When you record everything, it will be easier and faster for you to access whatever details you need from your previous rounds if you’re doing multiple rounds.
  3. Better portion control– Your diet journal is an excellent way to manage the portion of your foods on and off the HCG Diet. Portion control can be pretty hard especially when you’re off the HCG diet already and when you are eating out.
  4. Better nutrition– Your diet journal will reveal more than just your calorie intake and food triggers. It will also show you whether you are eating enough of each food group. Your diet journal will help you analyze what foods you are eating enough and which one you are eating too much.
  5. Identifying triggers that cause you to overeat– Keeping track of things necessary for your diet can reveal how work, stress or people affect your food choices. Your diet journal will help you get rid of your unhealthy habits.