Common Mistakes during Phase 2 of the HCG Diet

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 Losing weight with the HCG Diet can be pretty tough even when you think you are doing everything right. So, before you begin with the protocol, it’s vital to read the manuscript first. Be familiar with the details in each phase. Here are common mistakes most HCG dieters make during Phase 2 of the HCG Diet:

Mistake 1- Not gorging on the right food in Phase 1

Gorging on the right food is necessary beginning on your first shot of HCG until the second or third shot. Loading day food includes high-fat foods like bacon, sausage, and cheese for breakfast. Pork chops, steaks and pasta dishes for lunch and dinner.

Mistakes 2- Skipping the loading days

Skipping your loading days is a big fat NO! Remember that loading days of the HCG Diet is a crucial part of the protocol and should under any circumstances not be skipped. Dr. Simeons specifically states on his book that for the success of the diet dieters must consume enough fatty foods during the first two days of the diet. Your body will need the energy from the stored fats since you’ll only be consuming 500 calories during the very low calorie diet or else your body would go into starvation mode which would cause your body to store the calories that you eat.

Mistakes 3- Eating the wrong food items

The HCG Diet protocol is very strict when it comes to choosing food items for your diet. The protocol lists the food items that you can eat and the ones that you must avoid. When you deviate to any of the food choices from the list you’re making a big mistake then. Aside from incorporating the wrong choices of foods in your meal, you must be aware too about the portion sizes so you can stay within the daily calorie-intake limit.

Mistake 4- Mixing vegetables

Mixing of vegetables is prohibited on the original protocol but many dieters mix their veggies up and still manage to lose weight. If you continue losing weight even when you mix your veggies up, then that’s good. However, keep in mind that mixing of vegetables is a common mistake on the HCG diet and you must avoid this at all cause.

Mistake 5- Weight your protein portion right after cooking them

Weighing your protein after cooking them is another common mistake on the HCG Diet. Protein portion must be weight raw and not right after cooking them because it’s the weight of the raw meat that counts.  Your meat should be 100 grams or 3.5 ounces.

Mistake 6- Dining out

Avoid dining out as much as possible or if you can’t- keep it to a minimum. Foods served in the restaurants or fast foods are loaded with sugars and other additives that can stall your weight even on a tiny bite.

Mistake 7- The use of wrong spices

Spices and seasonings may appear to be a less important part of the diet but they can make a difference. There are tons of approved HCG Diet spices out there. There are also tons of wrong spices that can stall your weight. The use of wrong spices and seasoning to flavor your foods can result in heartburn too. So, before you pick some spices on the grocery store or in the supermarket, check if it’s HCG diet-friendly. Read the ingredients carefully for seasonings because they might contain hidden sugars and forbidden oils in them.

Mistake 8- Eating canned goods

Sometime you may be eating the right food but in the wrong form. Another blunder that can deprive you from losing the most weight possible is eating canned good like fruits and vegetables. Canned goods contain preservatives that can negatively impact on your body. Aside from the preservatives, they are loaded with much sodium that can interfere with how the hormones work in your body.

Mistake 9-Guessing your food portions

The HCG diet protocol is very precise when it comes to portion sizes. It requires you to measure your food portion to ensure that you don’t eat too many calories. The correct portion size for all meat is 100 grams and 1 cup for the vegetables per meal. To ensure that you are getting the right portion sizes do not just guess but instead use a kitchen food scale to accurately measure your food. Stick with it throughout your diet.

Mistake 10- Eating the same protein choices for both lunch and dinner

Variety is the key. So be creative enough when it comes to planning, preparing and cooking your meal.

Mistake 11- Using of beauty and body care product that’s oil-based

Beauty and body care product that contains oil are absorbed readily by your skin just like what you put in your body. Avoid lotions, cosmetics, and other oil-based hygiene products.

Mistake 12- Getting dehydrated

Not drinking enough water can cause dehydration even when you are dieting. Once your body is dehydrated you become sluggish and you won’t be able to lose much weight. If you want to obtain a maximum weight loss drink at least 2 quarts of water each day. But here’s another thing, try drinking alkaline or purified water because these do not contain any traces of contaminants unlike the ordinary tap and bottled water.

Mistake 13 – Using of cooking spray

Cooking most of your meal will be quite challenging without the use of oils but still, you have to stick by the rules. Well, there are other options that you can follow while cooking. You can use a non-stick pan as one of your cooking options or use a broth to substitute the oil. Steaming or grilling is your other options.

Mistake 14- Drinking beverages that are not HCG diet-friendly

You need to be careful with what you eat and so with what you drink while on the protocol. You are allowed to have tea and coffee and nothing else. Diet sodas which include diet sodas with zero calories are off-limit too on the HCG diet. Flavored juices are off-limit as well. It’s the other ingredient that slows down your weight loss. Beverages that are not HCG Diet-friendly can add to the calories and may cause weight gain.