Steak Day and the 2 Pounds Rule

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If you have heard or perhaps done an Apple Day then probably you’ve also had heard about a “Steak Day”. The HCG diet allows you to bounce back from a cheat or a small gain in so many ways. Though it’s not very easy it can be very helpful for you so you can get back on track quickly.

What is a steak day?

Steak day is another stall breaker and it’s used only when you are on Phase 3 of the HCG Diet. Steak day is different from the popular “mini-steak day’ phase 2 stall breaker. Steak day is very helpful for those who have gained a small bit of weight during the maintenance phase of the HCG diet.

Weight gain on Phase 3

When you are on the maintenance phase you slowly introduced starches and sugars back into your diet. You gradually increase your calorie intake too.  This phase may appear exciting as you can finally get to eat real foods but to some this phase can be quite challenging due to weight fluctuation. Although weight fluctuation at the start of phase 3 is normal you need to be extra cautious about weight gain as you start adding more calories and food choices back into your diet. As recommended on the HCG diet guide, you will measure your weight every morning and your goal is to stay within the 2 pounds range. You need to continue to limit your daily calorie intake to maintain your last day weight.

Sometimes, weight gain during phase 3 of the HCG diet is simply due to fluid retention, and steak day can help flush the excess fluid out so you start on the right foot the next day. Whatever your reason may be for gaining weight, it’s best to take quick action and correct the problem on hand.

The 2-Pounds Rule

One simple rule in P3 that you have to keep in mind is to keep your weight within the 2-pound range. According to Dr. Simeons guide, “Eat what you want when you are hungry except NO sugars and NO starches, but weigh every morning to make sure you stay within 2 pounds of weight as of the last injection. If you do go over the 2-pound limit, perform a Steak Day.”

You have to keep your weight not higher than your LDW. Your LDW (lowest day weight) is your last weight recorded while you were doing the 500 calorie diet, your last day of injection. If your last day weight is 70 pounds, therefore, your weight must not go higher than 72 pounds during the maintenance phase. As long your weight stays within the 2-pound range, you are fine.

When to do a steak day?

If you noticed that your weight fluctuates even a few ounces over the 2-pound range, you must do a steak day on that day. Do not wait for another day. Waiting for another day won’t drop your weight off. It would go from temporary storage to long-term storage. Steak day is most effective when done on the same day you see the gain. This rule applies only in the morning weigh-ins as you will see alarming and confusing fluctuations when you weight during the day.

How to do a steak day?

The rules are very simple.

  1. Eat nothing until your evening meal. You must entirely skip your breakfast and lunch.
  2. You are allowed to drink unlimited tea, water, and coffee at any time of the day. No milk or sugar allowed.
  3. Eat a large steak (8-14 oz.) for dinner and if you are still hungry have an apple or a large tomato.
  4. The next day, you can go back to eating regular meals.

Any steak seems fine but feel free to use top sirloin, porterhouse, New York, T-bone or filet on your different steak day. Ribeye is perfect for a steak day. Brisket, hamburgers, Tri-tip or prime rib are not good options though. The apple or tomato will provide your body with enzyme and fiber to ensure that the large steak you ate will move through your digestive system.

The average weight that you can lose from doing a steak day is 2-5 pounds but keep in mind that everyone responds differently. If you do not lose enough weight even after doing a steak day, you can do another steak day. You can only do a maximum of 2 steak days in a row. If you’re still not over with your weight, do a high protein day to give your body a break from the steak day.

Why eat a large steak?

  • The large steak will provide your body with a large amount of slow-digesting protein needed for cellular repair while you sleep.
  • The protein content of large steak has a high thermic effect. That means to say your body will burn a significant amount of calories while digesting the steak.
  • Large steaks are good appetite suppressor so you won’t have to go to bed hungry.

Steak Day alternatives

You can use other alternatives for a steak day like substituting the steak with a big portion of roasted chicken or eat 6-10 eggs. You can also test turkey instead of chicken. Some dieters find that they can divide the “Steak day” into two meals. Instead of eating a large steak for dinner, as recommended in the traditional Steak Day, they eat small to medium pieces of steak and an apple or tomato for lunch and dinner.