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Not Losing Weight on the HCG Diet?

Posted by hcg24.com 20/05/2019 0 Comment(s) HCG,Weight Loss

Despite getting enough sleep, controlling your hunger and correctly taking your phase 2 meals but still, you aren’t losing weight, then what? Is giving up your only option?

Before you’ll think of “giving up” remember that this protocol is designed to help you lose the faster amount of weight possible but it can take some time. When you follow and implement the protocol properly, you’ll find that the result can be quite amazing. There are periods where you aren’t losing weight but you shouldn’t panic because there are several ways to deal with it. If you think that HCG Diet is not making you lose weight then ask yourself these questions:

·        Did you cheat?

Cheating on the HCG Diet can cause stalls. Cheating does not only mean eating more than what is prescribed for you to eat in a day. When you eat and drink something with additional carbs and sugar, that’s cheating. So you better be careful with what you put inside your mouth. Avoid eating packaged foods too because they are loaded with ingredients not allowed during the HCG Diet.

·        Are you hungry?

Being hungry on the HCG Diet is not a good sign. It only shows that the hormone is not doing its job in utilizing your stored fats as an alternative source of energy to keep you going each day. What to do? Easy. Make sure that you are using the right dose of HCG.

·        Are you dehydrated?

Being dehydrated can cause water retention which can up add up to your weight. Water retention during the HCG Diet is more common to women than men and can lead to what seems like a plateau. The way to deal with it is with a plateau breaker to help you flush out excess water and speed up your weight loss process. If your weight loss stalled for a day or two that’s fine but more than that, you should do a plateaus breaker- a steak day or an apple day.

·        Are you exercising?

Exercise can make you feel hungry especially if you are on a very low calorie diet. Remember that your body is on a calorie deficit and when you burn additional calories while exercising, you might not be burning fats but muscles. This slows down your metabolism causing a stall on your weight. If you have just started doing some exercise, the best thing to do is not to overdo it. Choose for a long walk or cycling around your neighborhood or do some yoga instead.