HCG Diet in Healthy Budget

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Losing weight with the HCG Diet does not need to be expensive. The HCG diet can actually help you save money compared with other fad diets advertised over social media. In fact, the HCG Diet is one of the most affordable diets out there. It’s designed to only last 23 days or 46 days so you won’t have to spend a lot on the kit. You don’t have to go organic all the way too. You just have to follow the protocol and things will go well.

Money-saving tips while on and off the HCG Diet

Tip #1: Buy your HCG Diet kit online

Buying your kit online will help you save a lot as you don’t have to visit your weight loss clinic while on a diet. Your kit (1 month) comes with everything you need to get started such as 1 vial of top brand Human Chorionic Gonadotropin of 5000 iu, a bottle of bac water, 1 mixing syringe, a bottle of vitamin B12, 30 disposable insulin syringes and 30 alcohol pads.

Tip #2: Choose only the real HCG shot and not the homeopathic drops

Choose the real HCG shot over the homeopathic drops for a lot of reasons.

  • The HCG shot always yields a 100% absorption rate. When you inject, you are getting the proper dose of HCG in your body because you are getting the full dose. Whereas with the homeopathic drops, it’s hard to know how much your body has absorbed the hormone.
  • You are getting the exact dose with the HCG shot and none is getting lost. So, you won’t be getting hungry with the right dose. When you take drops or pellets, not all goes into your bloodstream. Some get broken down during digestion.
  • You only have to get one shot of the hormone each day but for the drops, you usually take the dose 2-3 times in a day and you can’t typically drink or eat something for 30 minutes before and after each dose.

Tip #3: Don’t eat at restaurants

Eating out is expensive that you’ll end up spending much unnecessarily on high-calorie meals. You also run the risk of breaking the protocol unless you are very specific with what you order. Enjoy the benefits of home-cooked foods and save money.

Tip #4 Buy healthy low-cost foods

Going organics is a great way to avoid pesticides and to make sure you know what goes into your body but you don’t necessarily have to go organics while on the HCG Diet. Not all fruits and veggies need to be organic. Just because it’s not organic doesn’t mean it’s unhealthy, besides, organics are quite pricey.

  • One great way to cut costs and try varieties of fresh fruits and veggies at your local farmers market. Most of the items there are allowed on the HCG Diet.
  • Try buying low-cost produce and meat at your local community to support agriculture.
  • Buy the store brand when buying healthy. Store brand products carry the same ingredients as that of known brands. This will help cut your grocery bills and you’ll be surprised at how great the store brand taste.
  • Plan your meals so you won’t have to overbuy when you go grocery shopping. Make a weekly plan so you may have a clear picture of what you need to buy at the store. Don’t buy unnecessary items.
  • Buy lower cost veggies and fruits. Check for grocery store bulks to help you stock up at a lower value.

Tip #5 Buy frozen foods

Frozen foods won’t spoil and they last longer. Several foods that you’ll need while on Phase 2 can be purchased frozen which can help you save a lot of money as you won’t have to drop by the grocery or the local market too often. You can purchase all or some of your protein options for a week’s supply or in bulk.

Tip #6 Cook in bulk

This is what most HCG dieters do-cooking their recipes in bulk. Simply cook several servings of your preferred meat options and cook them. After cooking, you can put them in separate containers (1 serving each) and placed them in the refrigerator. Most dieters cook their meals for two to three days in advance. Cooking your meals in bulk will save you both money and time in the kitchen.

Tip #7 Cancel your gym membership

There is no point in paying for the gym when you won’t be able to go. So, cancel your gym membership in the meantime as you can’t do strenuous exercises yet. You cancel your gym membership at the beginning of your diet and resume with it as soon as you are done with a very low-calorie diet. Along with cancelling your membership is to hold off on your personal trainer. Both can help you save hundreds of dollars.

Tip #8 Have a check-up and see if you can be off from any medications

HCG Diet can correct several chronic health issues like lowering your blood pressure or your cholesterol level. You can also have a number of health benefits from doing the HCG Diet. So, see your doctor if you can get off of your medications after the diet is over. HCG Diet is life-transforming. HCG Diet will not only help you lose weight but it will also reduce your chances of developing chronic health issues associated with being obese. When you look at the big picture, treating overweight-related issues is pretty costly. Now the big question is- why wait for such issues to arise if you can take action now? Do it with the HCG Diet.