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Forever Grateful On the HCG Diet

Posted by 7/01/2019 0 Comment(s) HCG,Weight Loss

I am writing to let you know how grateful I am and my wife with the HCG Diet.

Dieting is not really my language but due to some health issues, one of my doctor’s recommendation and I think is necessary is to lose weight. I was diagnosed with being in a borderline diabetic. My blood pressure isn’t like it used to be.

Years back, I was totally normal but because of stressed eating due to the demands at work I ended up with 269 pounds of which 33.2 of it were body fats and that’s around 89.30 pounds of fats. I started doing the HCG Diet with my wife. That time I was a heavy 269 pounds.

Here is our vital before doing the HCG Diet:

  • I weigh 269 pounds. 89.30 pounds of my weight were fats and 179.7 pounds was lean muscle. My chest measures 49 inches, waist is 51.5 inches and my neck is 19.5 inches.
  • My wife is 198 pounds and she’s wearing double XL pants.

Here is our vital after one round:

  • I lost 30 pounds 31.66 pounds was fats. I gained 1.66 pounds of muscle.
  • My wife lost 28 pounds. From double XL pants, she’s now wearing an XL.

HCG Diet is so easy to follow. Doing this diet together is what made us better do this diet- it’s our edge with other dieters. We supported each other. We both love to experiment with the recipes. Our advice to those who wanted to lose weight with the HCG Diet is to simply follow the protocol.  Believe in yourself. As much as possible look for a buddy whom you can do the diet. If not, look for motivation from support groups. There are lots of forums and support groups that you can join over the internet for motivation.

Future plans? We are planning to start with another round. I would really love to lose another 30 pounds. This time we will be incorporating some light workouts back to see if the end results are any different than before.

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