The Best Time to Have Your HCG Diet Shot

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HCG injection is not restricted to any particular time of the day. You can have your HCG shot at your most convenient time.

From the book Pounds and Inches, Dr. Simeons emphasizes that the best time to have your shot is in the morning. However, there is nothing wrong with having your daily shot in the evening because the time you’ll have your shot won’t affect how the hormones will work in your system. You just have to make sure to give 24 hours between each shot. So, if you are new to this diet and you’re concerned about the timing of your injection, then don’t be because the HCG injection again is not restricted to any particular time of the day. Just observe a 24 hours interval and you won’t be having any issues at all. For example, if you have had your shot at 8 am during your first day, then your next shot would be at 8 am the following day. Now, if you were able to have your shot at 8:05 the next day, don’t worry. This is not going to affect your weight results in any way.

Nighttime injection

Some dieters may not be able to inject in the morning, especially those who worked during the night shift. If you work during the night shift, you must have your HCG shot during the time you are awake. You will still achieve an adequate weight loss result even if your injection time has changed a bit. The main thing is:

  1. You follow the 24 hours interval. No matter which time you choose to inject, make sure you do it around the same time each day. It doesn’t have to be exact but avoid having your shot that is very close together. Observing a 24 hours interval will keep the therapeutic amount of HCG in your body at all times.
  2. Now if you happen to miss a dose, do not worry because the HCG can stay in your body for up to 3 days after your last injection. Resume with your shot the next day but do not stop with your 500 calorie a day diet. If you cannot remember whether you have your injection or not, withhold the injection until the next day at your normal schedule.  Avoid double dosing and running out of injection later in your diet.
  3. Refrigerate your mixed HCG. If your mixed HCG vial has not been refrigerated for 6 hours or more, it has to be replaced as the hormone will no longer be effective.
  4. You take the proper dose. This is the most important thing for the HCG Diet and not the timing. Your dose may vary from other dieters but for most dieters, the right dose is around 125iu a day. If you feel hungry at the end of the day increase your dose to 150iu’s. Do not inject more than the recommended dosage. Injecting more than what is recommended will not double your weight loss result nor will it make your diet any easier. Your hunger level will fluctuate during the first 2 days as your body is still adjusting to the amount of calories it received each day. If after 2 days your hunger level is still high, you might want to adjust your dose and see what works best for you. It’s either too high or too low.

Nighttime injection setbacks

Injecting your hormone right before going to sleep can sometimes result in unwanted non-dangerous effects such as sleep problems. Some dieters have noticed that when they have their shot right before bedtime they experienced sleep problems like insomnia due to an increased energy level. The HCG in the body can lead to a surge in the energy level causing difficulties with sleeping. However, this can vary from person to person. Dieters who worked during nightshift and have their shot during the night are not affected but those who work in the morning may experience sleep issues, if they take their shot before bedtime

HCG Diet injection during the day

Having your HCG shot before bedtime is NOT dangerous but because of the potential sleep issues it must be avoided whenever possible. Some dieters may not experience sleep issues at all, so they opt to have their shot right before bedtime. Some dieters may also experience different results when having their shot in the evening such as lower hunger levels throughout the day. If you are one of those dieters who do not experience any major issues when having an evening shot or who even experience benefits from doing so, you can continue injecting right before bedtime.

Morning injection is intended to help you manage your hunger levels throughout the day. The morning injections will also help newbies make through during the challenging first week. If you find that injecting in the morning is not helping you with your hunger level even if you have adjusted your dose, try changing your schedule in the evening and see if it works better for you.