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Water on the HCG Diet

Posted by hcg24.com 25/11/2019 0 Comment(s) HCG,Weight Loss

The HCG Diet has a lot of rules that you must be aware of- the amount of calorie intake per day, the number of injections needed and many others. One thing that most dieters neglect is their water intake.

Water plays an important role in keeping the body hydrated on and off the diet. It is just as important as other components of the HCG Diet- calorie counting, HCG supplements, and exercise.

The benefits of water on the HCG Diet

Water is life. Water gives you energy, makes your body function properly and helps boosts your immune system but most dieters do not consume enough water causing them to become dehydrated. This can make it difficult for them to make through to all phases of the protocol.

Dehydration, sometimes mistaken as hunger instead of thirst can cause you to overeat. If your body does not have enough water, it confuses the signal between thirst and hunger. You may tend to feel hungry but in reality, you are just thirsty. Keeping your cells hydrated enables the toxins to excrete out from your body easily especially during the first few days of the detoxification plan- the day you lose a pound or more.

Other benefits of water on the HCG Diet include:

  • Improved digestions

This can lead to the formation of a well-balanced micro flora in the stomach and the intestines.

  • Control appetite

Water helps control your appetite. When your body is properly hydrated your urge to snack or eat inappropriately is alleviated.

  • To flush out the toxin

The main work of the hormone in your system is to burn the stored fat in the fat cells. Your fat cell also contains a large number of toxins that must be flushed out. Your liver will process the toxins but it’s the work of water to flush it out of your body. Your liver cannot function properly without enough water. Therefore, it is very important to keep yourself hydrated when on the HCG Diet.

  • Water adds variety to your diet

When you get bored from eating the same menu and drinking the same beverages each day, drink water. Water adds variety to your diet without sacrificing your weight loss. If you find drinking water is not satisfying, try adding some lemon to make it more satisfying. Other fluids allowed on the HCG Diet are green tea, black tea, and black coffee. Be creative with your beverages by adding Stevia or lemon juice.

Recommended fluid intake

Just like keeping track of your food intake, you should also pay attention to how much fluid you consume. One of the most frequently asked questions on the HCG Diet is how much water to drink. In Dr. Simeons’s original protocol, he recommends at least 2 litres or half a gallon of fluids each day. However, the exact amount of fluid you should drink depends on your size and activity level. Experts recommend consuming around 0.5 ounce to 1 ounce of water per pound of body weight. For those weighing 190 pounds, drink ½ of your body weight in ounces. If you happen to live in a hot climate or you sweat a lot, then you should consume closer to 1 ounce per day.

Some tips to help you:

Loading days:

  • High water consumption during the loading days can lead to bloating and stomach discomfort.
  • Consume as many calories and fat as possible. When you take in high calorie and high-fat foods, your body will retain extra water.

Phase 2:

  • Take more than 2 liters per day. Water will help keep you from feeling hungry. It will help you feel full between meals and will absorb all the nutrients you eat.

3 days transition period

  • Take more than the required 2 liters per day to help you shed more pounds.
  • Try adding other fluids to your diet.

Phase 3

  • Reduce your water consumption and maintain a daily 2 liters or less.
  • Drink gradually throughout the day and not only when you are thirsty.

Your body processes fluids better when you supply them gradually so it’s better to drink slowly throughout the day rather than consuming them all at once. Once your body is consistently hydrated all day you’ll feel better but you should be careful not to overdo your water consumption. Do not chug down too much water at once.

How to tell if you’re getting enough fluid?

You can tell that you are getting enough fluid each day by checking your urine in the morning. When you wake up the next day, you should urinate a lot and your urine should be clear or pale and not darker yellow.

If you are properly hydrated while on the HCG Diet, you will continue to lose weight each day or remain stable if off the diet. If your weight fluctuates each day, it’s a sign that you’re not getting enough fluids. Your body won’t be able to flush down excess sodium from the foods you eat which in return retain some of the fluids causing you to gain weight mostly from water. Every time you eat foods high in sodium, your weight fluctuates.

Easy tips to stay hydrated

  1. Drink a glass of water first thing in the morning.
  2. Drink a glass of water before you go to sleep.
  3. Drink water constantly throughout the day.
  4. Have a glass of water beside you during mealtime.
  5. Bring your own bottle of water to work.
  6. Take 1 to 2 glasses of water 30 minutes before exercise or at least half a cup for every 15 minutes of exercise.
  7. Choose vegetables and fruits with plenty of water such as apples for snacks.
  8. Take a few sips as you pass by a water dispenser.
  9. Drink cold water for better absorption.
  10.  Keep a water log.
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