Tips on eating out while on the HCG Diet

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Have you ever been rushing out of the house busy running errands all day and you need some HCG diet-friendly foods to take with you?

When life gets busy, prioritizing time for a home-cooked, healthy meal isn’t always a priority. This is especially true even for those who are most prepared but being busy doesn’t mean you have to forgo healthy eating habits. Being busy doesn’t mean you can’t make good food choices on the go.

Tips on the go while on the HCG Diet

Eating on the go, and eating out while on the HCG diet is very much possible. Let’s talk about some ways you can eat on the go and at the restaurant and still be successful in the HCG Diet.

  1. Plan ahead: Though it’s not ideal but eating on the run is inevitable. What you need to do is to plan ahead because healthy meals don’t just happen. You have to make them happen.
  2. Don’t skip your meals: Whether you are in phase 2 or phase 3, do not skip any of your meals. Skipping your meals will only backfire on you. You’ll build up an appetite that you get so hungry before your next meal. The most important meal of the day is breakfast. If you don’t have time to make breakfast, make it the night before. Oats are perfect grab-and-go breakfast.
  3. Make your snack to go: It’s easy to grab the most accessible and convenient food items but it may not be the healthiest option. So, stock up on good healthy snacks like fruits, veggies and hummus, yogurt, dried fruits, nuts, and whole-wheat crackers.
  4. Stock on protein bars: Just like yogurt and nuts, protein bars can be a healthier choice than foods in the vending machines, and concession stands foods. They’re so easy to eat on the go yet they are packed with more proteins.
  5. Drink plenty of water: Drinking plenty of water when you are out and about can quell food cravings. Keep a bottle in your car or in your bag.

Tips on eating out while on the HCG Diet

  1. Know what’s on the menu: Before heading straight into any restaurant, you might want to look into their food options first. Look for the menus online and find out what’s available. See which meals you can order fits your diet.
  2. Ask them to cook for you: If you think nothing in the menus fits your protocol, you can always ask them nicely to make something for you. Restaurants will honor all kinds of special requests made by guests. Ask for dishes to be cook with olive oil instead of butter.
  3. Make two meals out from a large portion: Most restaurants offer a large portion. Lucky for you because you can make two meals out of it. So, why not box up half of the meal to take home before you start eating.
  4. Veggie for the day: When at the restaurant, order for the “veggie for the day” but inform them not to use oil if you’re still on the weight loss phase.  Pair your veggie choice with some grilled steak, fish, or chicken. Then again, be mindful of the portion.
  5. Don’t let your sweet tooth be your downfall: If your sweet tooth really kicks in, order for lighter options or better share it with your dining companions.
  6. Go for greens: Green salad with grilled lean meat and lemon dressing is perfect. Replacing a heavy meal with healthy green salad is a great way to slim down but beware of sneaky calories in them. Some healthy salads are loaded with extra calories because they’re soaked in dressings or oil. Some salad toppings are deep-fried or poled with cheese, dried fruits, or croutons.
  7. Don’t forget about liquid calories: Remember that moderate drinking can have a great impact on your weight. No sodas allowed and if you want to indulge, have a nice glass of skinny cocktail or wine.
  8. Split your meal with the person you are with when you order: This will help you with your portion control. If your companion doesn’t want to split the meal, ask the waiter to box half of the meal before they even bring it to you.
  9. Don’t skip meals before going out: Doing so can only make you hungrier on the next meal and that you’ll end up eating more than what you are supposed to eat.
  10.  Drink more water: Drinking more water throughout the meal will help keep you full.

Before you decide on doing the HCG Diet, check on your calendar for holidays, birthdays, and other big events. If there are, start your diet before or after the marked events so you can enjoy the guilt-free holiday eating. Besides, these are special occasions, and indulging yourself can’t be all that bad for you. Eat whatever is served and try to keep up with those around you.