The HCG Diet Foods and their Health Benefits

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The HCG Diet is a fad diet that’s recently been stealing the attention of many dieters seeking weight-loss nirvana not only in the US. Actually, it’s not a new concept since it’s been available in the market for more than decades already.

The effectiveness of HCG lies in its role in re-setting your metabolism in changing how your body burns fat. The HCG Diet makes use of the HCG hormone and 500 calorie diet a day using only the approved HCG Diet foods.

The HCG Diet approved foods are the only foods allowed while on the HCG Diet. It’s particularly selected by the original creator of the HCG Diet, Dr. Simeons. He carefully selected the approved foods because of their many health and weight loss benefits. The HCG Diet approved foods are designed to help you lose the maximum amount of weight during the whole duration of the diet. You are likely to lose the most weight for a short time than you’ve ever lost in your entire life if you will stick to eating them. First, let us take a look at the different health benefits of using the HCG Diet.

Benefits of using the HCG Diet

  • The HCG Diet will help you lose weight and burn those stored fats in the right areas of your body such as your belly, thigh, and arms.
  • The HCG Diet helps lower cholesterol level while burning abnormal fats
  • The HCG Diet reduces your risk from heart failure.
  • It improves sexual performance by restoring the balance of estrogen and testosterone.
  • It increases fertility.

The benefits of the approved HCG Diet food

  1. They are rich in vitamins and minerals

All approved vegetable and fruits are loaded with vitamin and minerals. They are essential for your body to function well during the entire dieting process. Aside from the vitamins and mineral content, they are incredibly delicious and nutritious, low in calories and carbohydrates but loaded with fibers. The allowable fruits and veggies also contain minerals proven to aid in fat burning. These properties make fruits and veggies perfect during the HCG Diet.

  1. Satisfying and fulfilling

The HCG Diet approved foods are satisfying and more filling especially the protein. The protein choice has the most filling macronutrient that can ward off hunger until the next meal. The fiber content of fruits and vegetables provides bulk which can make you feel full for longer. They slow down the emptying of the stomach and increases the digestion time. The approved foods are fat-free or low in fat which makes them super low in calories.

  1. Fat-free or low in fat

All approved foods on the HCG Diet are low in fat while others are fat-free which makes invariably the best food for weight loss. These foods help reduces your overall energy intake and will definitely help you lose weight.

  1. They are low in calorie

All foods on the HCG Diet are carefully selected to be very low in calorie per serving. The allowable fruits and vegetables are low in sugar and calorie content so you can have them in large servings without having to add many calories on your diet. The protein options are low in calories and fats and you only need to eat two servings in a day that won’t exceed 500 to 550 calories. From the allowable foods, the proteins and fruits’ calories are slightly higher than the vegetables. However, when you are on the diet, you must count your calories. Check the calorie content of every food so you can lose the maximum amount of weight.

  1. The HCG Diet foods have detoxifying effects

Almost all approved HCG Diet foods have detoxifying effects which can help detoxify your body from toxins, chemicals, free radicals and other harmful compounds that build up in your body from the unhealthy foods you’ve been eating for a long time.

The allowable fruits like lemons, orange and grapefruits are rich in vitamins and a potent anti-oxidant. Veggies like spinach and cabbage are fiber-rich which helps clean your digestive system.

  1. The approved foods are excellent to help you lost more weight

All foods are excellent in helping you lose more amount of weight especially the vegetable options. The approved veggies like cabbage, asparagus, fennel, spinach, lettuce, greens and cucumber are all high in fiber and very filling. You can have your serving of veggies for lunch or dinner. You can even have then as snacks or whenever you feel like you want to cheat because you are hungry. Veggie servings can help you keep full along with your protein and fruit options.

Veggie servings can also help detox your body. They are a great source of vitamins and minerals as well as antioxidants. All approved HCG Diet foods does not interfere with the effectiveness of the hormone. The hormones in your body will continue to burn stored fats to keep your energy level high combined with the approved HCG Diet foods.

  1. The approved proteins can also help you lose weight

The allowable proteins on the HCG Diet are low in fat hence they are great for weight loss. Only low-fat proteins are allowed on the HCG Diet to help you lose the most weight while on the diet. Your portion sizes are carefully controlled so you can have a satisfying and balanced meal. The protein content per serving is only 100 grams or 3.5 ounces, enough to keep you full during the diet.

  1. The approved fruits are more filling and detoxifying

Citrus fruits are not the only allowable fruits on the HCG Diet with a detoxifying effect but also apples and strawberries. They are rich in antioxidants, high in fiber to help keep you full all day. In fact, apples are used as a plateau breaker because of this effect. The fiber content of apples is very satisfying with lots of vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals content in it. The soluble fibers help remove harmful compounds from your body and will help your body recover faster from any metabolic damage as a result of poor diet.