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26 Days Protocol vs 46 Days HCG Diet Protocol

Posted by 9/04/2019 0 Comment(s) HCG,Weight Loss

When to do the 26 days round?You can choose to do the 26 days protocol if you do not have much to lose. Here, you will have your shot of the HCG hormone beginning the first day of your journey with the HCG Diet. You’ll need 23 injections for this round.

Day 1-2: HCG injections + Loading days

Day 3-23: HCG injections + 500 calorie diet

Day 24-26: No HCG injections + 500 calorie diet

Dr. Simeon, the original creator of HCG Diet emphasized that there should be at least 23 injections and no more than 40 injections. Patients who need to lose around 15 pounds or less must do the 26 days treatment with 23 HCG injections. Even patients who need to lose only 5 pounds must do the 26 days treatment.

The 46 Day Protocol

When to do the 46 days protocol?You can do the 46 days protocol if you have much weight to lose. Here, you’ll need 40 HCG injections because that’s the maximum number of injections that you can have according to Dr. Simeons.

Day 1-2: HCG injections + loading days

Days 3-44: 36 days with HCG injections + 500 calorie diet

6 days without HCG but with 500 calorie diet (This is the once a week without HCG injection).

Day 45-46: 2 days of low calorie diet but without HCG injections

You should do the HCG diet for at least 3 weeks because it’s the minimum number of weeks of treatment with the HCG Diet. Those who have reached their goal before the 3 weeks is up must increase their calorie intake to 800-1000 calories a day.

However, you are not allowed to do the diet lesser than 3 weeks. You are not either compelled to complete the 40 injections. If you wish to stop at 34 days or 38 days then you can as long as you will not do the diet for less than 3 weeks. Dr. Simeon noticed from his studies that dieters regained their weights back if they did lesser than 3 weeks. If you think you won’t be able to do the 46 days protocol you can do 2 separate protocols of 26 days. However, you won’t be able to proceed with the second round right away. You need a certain amount of “waiting time” before you can continue doing another round.