Steps to Take Before the HCG Diet

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Congratulations! You have made a huge decision for yourself and even for those around you to do the HCG Diet. Now, while waiting for your HCG Diet kit to arrive at your doorstep there are few things that you can do in the meantime to prepare yourself for the diet. The preparation is usually half the battle because once you know what you are getting into, you’ll be able to do the diet in an educated perspective and you’ll have better chances of getting the best results.

The HCG Diet is not that extremely difficult contrary to what many are saying but still, you have to take steps so you can prepare your body and mind for it. The more you are focused on the diet preparation, the easier the diet would be and the more likely you are going to succeed.

Here are a few things you must do before starting the diet:

  1. Read the protocol

Take time to read what’s on the protocol. Be familiar with everything- what is allowed and what’s not. You can download the book “Pounds and Inches” over the internet so you can have a better background into the science behind how this diet works.

  • Minimize your sugar intake

Avoid unhealthy foods high in fructose and other forms of sugar. As much as possible, do your best to completely eliminate them from your diet before Phase 2. Substitute them with sweeteners such as Stevia, the only HCG Diet approved sweetener. Avoid all forms of refined sugar during your diet with HCG and even after doing the protocol. Stick to natural sugars only such as sugars in fruits of just the standard raw sugar.

  • Grocery shop for the right food

Grocery shopping for the HCG Diet-friendly foods is extremely important before you jump right away into the diet. Don’t wait until your first day of the very low calorie phase so start shopping as this can cause you to buy food items not on the list or causes you to not have everything on the list.

  • Eat your breakfast

Make a habit of eating your breakfast before your diet to improve your body’s fat metabolism and to maintain more regular blood sugar.

  • Decide what foods to include for your loading days.

Include high-fat foods for your loading days to help build-up fat reserves in your body and to prepare your body for the second phase, the very low calorie diet. Choose high-fat natural foods such as avocado, butter, cheese, nuts and coconut oil. These foods will prepare you for the VLCD. Avoid processed foods even though they are high in fat.

  • Go organic before your diet

While waiting for your HCG Diet kit to be dropped at your doorstep, go organic. Try including them in your regular diet so you will know the type of foods and the recipe you prefer that are organic.  Try including more veggies into your regular meal as a way to stay full on a lower calorie. Experiment with creative recipes before your diet and come up with few recipes of your own using the allowed HCG Diet foods.

  • Write down your goal and keep them handy
  • How much weight do you want to lose?
  • How many inches do you want to lose?
  • What type of cloths you are looking forward to wear after achieving your goal weight?
  • Have fun

Your journey will be much easier, enjoyable and successful if you’ll look at it as a game.

Things that you must have before starting the diet:

  1. An accurate weight scale

You need to weigh yourself each morning so you must have an accurate weighing scale at hand to see your progress. Without it, you may not catch important fluctuations in your weight and to correct them on time.

  • An accurate food scale

Food scale must come in handy too as you’ll need them whenever you prepare you meals. You need to weigh all your protein options like fish, chicken and lean meat.

  • HCG Kit

You can the HCG Kit online. The kit contains HCG hormone, bacteriostatic water, and insulin injections, mixing syringe, vitamin B12 and alcohol pads that you’ll need during your diet. 

Other things that you need:

  1. Grill– Your protein options are boiled, steamed or grilled. So you’re going to need one. Grilling is one of the most efficient ways of preparing your meat without the use of oil.
  2. Food storage containers– These are essential on the HCG Diet if you are going to pre-prep your meal/ meat in an individual pre-packaged serving.