Reasons Why the HCG Diet Works

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The HCG Diet has proven itself for over the years to be a highly effective treatment for obesity and many users have told of their success. The HCG hormone has consistently been endorsed by many physicians and researchers. The reason why this diet succeeds while other program fails is what exactly we’re going to discuss here.

How the HCG diet works

The way the HCG Diet works is different from other weight loss programs. The HCG diet concentrates on reducing your calorie intake to at least 500 calories or 800 calories a day, depending on the program, to stimulate weight loss. However, calorie restrictions alone won’t work without the help of the HCG hormone. The HCG Human Chorionic Gonadotropin is a natural hormone produced by pregnant women. The natural properties of the hormone make it ideal for weight loss treatment. When combined with calorie restrictions, it forces your body to burn stored, stubborn fat as an alternative source of energy to compensate for the lack of calories eaten. Therefore, you will not feel hungry and you won’t experience the usual cravings. The weight loss result is rapidly seen. These results come from:

  • Resetting of metabolism to give your body the boost it needs in order to burn fat more quickly. The hormone taps your hypothalamus gland which then resets your metabolism. Not only you will lose weight but the HCG will reset your metabolism to a new lower weight.
  • Increased energy level as a result of increased metabolic rate. Unlike diet pills and other weight loss energy booster, the HCG hormone will give your body an all-natural energy kick. You will find that your energy level increases while most low-calorie diet will leave you feeling weak and undernourished.
  • Increased fat-burning ability as the hormone stimulate other pro-hormones in your body that helps burn excess fat stores and not muscle mass. The overall results, 0.5 to 2 pounds of weight loss per day.
  • Reduced to no hunger pains and cravings because your body draws the energy it needs from burning fat reserves. Despite the very low-calorie restrictions, you won’t feel hungry between meals. You also train your body to recognize when you are full which then prevents you from overeating.
  • The naturally occurring hormone that has been depleted over time due to toxins present in the environment and foods. The HCG injection is perfectly safe and very minimal to no side effects. It does not interact with other medications. The HCG diet protocol does not call for chemical-laden foods. You simply eat the HCG Diet approved foods and observe proper food portioning.

Advantages of the HCG Diet over other weight loss programs

  1. The HCG diet can fit a busy schedule: Diet restrictions are true for almost all diet programs. The given restrictions can make it impossible for dieters to follow the diet at work or even at home but this is not the case with the HCG diet. You can do the HCG Diet even if you are busy. The diet is simple and well-defined, with clear goal-oriented choices. What you need is to plan in advance and a lot of preparations.
  2. Easy administration: Administering the hormone is quick and easy, unlike other weight loss programs. You simply have to inject the hormone once a day on areas where you want to shed unwanted pounds and let the hormone do its job. No counting calories, no gyms, or exercise required yet you’ll achieve rapid weight loss.
  3. Encouraging results: The HCG diets provide a rapid weight loss of at least .5 to 2 pounds each day. The drop on the scale each day is one single biggest deciding factor if one succeeds or fails. The faster you see results the more you are motivated and the more you are likely to stick to the program.
  4. Long-lasting results: The HCG diet is one of a kind diet program that helps dieters shed a good amount of fats and keep them off for good. It is scientifically designed to help burn unwanted fats. In addition to unwanted fat loss, the true benefit of this diet is its ability to modify the dieter’s relationship with foods and eating. The result is easily maintained long-term weight loss.
  5. No gym required: No expensive gym or trainer’s fee required when you do the HCG Diet since you are not allowed to do strenuous activities. Light exercise such as a 30-minute walk is permitted. You can also do easy biking or yoga. Avoid vigorous exercises as this can lead to dizziness, exhaustion, fatigue, and extreme hunger. 

Other benefits of HCG hormone

Aside from faster weight loss and the ability of the diet to establish healthy food and eating relationship, there are numerous other benefits you can get when you start the HCG Diet. For instance, high cholesterol level has known to decrease at the beginning of the diet which in turn lowers the overall blood pressure. Rheumatic pain also decreases within a few days of treatment and allows the dieters to interrupt prolonged use of cortisone treatment.