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Portion Control on Phase 3

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Worrying about overeating during the maintenance phase? It can be scary sometimes especially if it’s your first time on the HCG Diet. You are just coming off from a very low-calorie restriction and then suddenly, you are given the freedom to eat almost anything that you like when you are hungry. Then, here comes the 2-pound range -staying within the limit seems kind of impossible. However, if you will stick to the protocol, portion control, in particular, phase 3 of the HCG can be as easy as any other phases of the HCG Diet.

What is portion control?

Portion control means choosing a healthy amount of certain foods. It simply means you limit what you eat, how much you are eating, and how many calories there are in the serving.

A portion is not the same as serving size. They are often mistaken and used interchangeably, but they are not the same. A portion is what you actually eat, the amount of foods you choose to eat. A serving is a specific amount of food that equals a certain number of calories. Sometimes, the portion you eat contains more than one serving.

How much is too much?

We now live in a world where everyone eats a Big meal and drinks a Big gulp. Supersized is becoming the new norm. Most foods serve in a restaurant are either double or triple times that amount of food we should be having for a balanced meal. These supersized portions are producing supersized waistlines.

You might be choosing and eating the right kind of food but eating them too much can throw your diet off the board. The same goes when you are in phase 3 of the HCG Diet. Eating more than what is required can definitely lead to weight gain. Here’s a good rule of thumb to follow:

The amount of protein serving you were eating per meal during the very low-calorie diet phase is approximately 100 grams or 3.5 ounces. Now that you are in phase 3, double the serving size. You should be eating at 200 grams or 7 ounces in each meal along with 1 fruit choice and about 2 cups of vegetables. Eating a meal this size two times a day will get you somewhere around 1300-1500 calories. Mix that with breakfast you’ll get around 1500-1800 calories in a day.

Why portion control important during the HCG Diet?

 Portion control is important when you are trying to lose weight and keep the weight off for good.

  • It allows you to have a tight handle on how many calories you are presumably eating.
  • It helps you digest foods faster. Your digestive system can function at its best when it’s not overloaded with all the good stuff. Portion control can prevent cramping.
  • Portion control can promote faster weight loss. Eating a small portion of foods will help you cut back on calories and will lead to faster weight loss.  When you eat at a calorie deficit, your body will turn unto stored fats for energy. The more fat your body burns, the more weight you lose. A larger portion, on the other hand, means more calories and a bigger waistline.
  • It’s money-saving. Eating smaller portions saves money. You don’t need to buy as many foods as you always do when grocery shopping. The less you eat, the less you spend.
  • Those who eat less of energy-dense food and more on low-energy-dense foods are critical for improved satiety.

Tips for better portion control

  1. Be aware of the recommended serving size of your foods

Being mindful of the recommended serving size of your foods during the HCG Diet is vital for the overall success of the program. The original protocol only allows 500 calories a day during the weight loss phase while other modifications allow 700 to 800 calories a day. On the maintenance phase, the right portion is to double the serving size. By the end of the day, you’ll be eating somewhere around 1500 to 1800 calories a day.

  • Measure accurately

You need to measure the foods to identify accurately the serving sizes. Use digital food scale, measuring cups, spoons, and meal prep containers to portion control your meal. To aid your weight loss goal, try using portion control plates to track down the right amount of foods in each meal.

  • Stop eating when you’re full or when the portion is gone

Stopping when you’re full or when the portion is gone will prevent you from overeating. If you think that you are still hungry, drink a glass of water and give yourself a little time to catch and feel full.

  • Add more veggies

Adding more veggies on your plate is a great way to fill up without extra calories. Add some cooked veggies in with your morning eggs, start your meal with a salad or top your sandwich with tomato and greens.

  • Avoid mindless eating

Avoid mindless eating to prevent overeating. Avoid eating in front of your computer or while you are watching the television. Put away your phones. Mindless eating can make you eat more calories.

The right portion after the diet

The right portion is the ones that will fuel your body with nutrients and energy. The ones that will make you feel full and satisfied. There is no right or wrong amount of food for weight loss. Your portion size should be based on how many calories you plan to consume in a day. You don’t have to eat until you are completely stuffed. Just eat until you are full and satisfied.