Signs That You Are Doing Excessive Exercise on the HCG Diet

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The HCG Diet promotes rapid weight loss with the help of HCG hormone via injection or oral administration. It follows a very strict protocol that involves an extreme calorie restriction regimen of only 500 calories a day exercise regimen. Because of the protocol’s extreme restrictions, exercise should be kept to an absolute minimum.

Excessive exercise and what it can do to your body

Avoid excessive exercises especially during the 500-calorie diet because:

  • They can tax your muscles and body.
  • They can defeat the purpose of HCG injection, which is to burn fat.
  • It can cause your body to switch into starvation mode. This slows down the metabolic process, which stalls your weight loss.
  • It reduces the appetite suppressing effects of HCG injection, thus increasing your hunger and cravings.
  • It can wear out your muscles. This may cause your body to overexert that you feel unusual signs of tiredness, difficulty sleeping, and many more.

10 signs of excessive exercise

The most effective way to make HCG injections more successful is by adding a consistent routine exercise, but it should not be excessive. Here are some signs of serious injuries to watch out for.

  1. Difficulty sleeping

Regular exercise reduces anxiety and stress and improves sleep, but the opposite happens when you overdo your exercise. Too much exercise activates the stress response hormone, including adrenaline and cortisol in the evening, making it hard for you to sleep. The adrenaline hormone increases your heart rate, sugar metabolism, blood flow to the muscle, and alertness while cortisol hormone can disrupt your body’s natural sleep-wake cycle. 

  • Feeling drained after working out

Having a good workout makes you feel refreshed, relax, and energized. However, when you overdo your workout, you feel irritable, moody, and uncomfortable. Exercise should make you feel better, but if you’re feeling the opposite, you may need to take a rest.

  • Prolonged muscle soreness

If your muscles hurt or feel sore for over three days, you may be exercising too much. So, take it easy. Your body is not ready to do intense exercise, especially if you are on low calories. Give your body some time to recover.

  • You are less motivated

Getting less motivated to exercise could be a signal that you need some time off. Listen to your body and take some time off. Try something different. Try switching your usual workouts for less intense ones or perhaps pick a new learning activity or hobby.

  • Disturbances in the menstrual cycle

Excessive exercise may adversely impact the menstrual cycle of women. Some may experience an irregular menstrual cycle while others may experiences a complete stop in their menstrual flow.

  • You keep getting sick

Those with a fit and healthy body tend to have a better immune system, rarely catching more than cold now and then. So, if you keep getting sick more than normal, it’s an obvious sign that your body needs a break.

  • Feeling irritable

Do you find yourself extra agitated lately? I bet you might be exercising too much. So save yourself and take some time off here and there.

  • You can’t finish your normal workout

Getting overexerted will prevent you from doing workouts you are used to doing before. If you get slower and weaker, slow down your pace and reduce your workout time.

  • Mental stress

Exercise can improve your overall mental health, but too much exercise may lead to mental stress and depression. If you are working out, you have a goal but not achieving your goal will cause you to lose motivation and focus, which eventually will cause mental stress.

10. Low energy

Another sign you’re exercising too much includes having low energy and feeling tired even if you are not sick. Take a break and rest.