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Diet Traps to Avoid

Posted by 16/11/2016 0 Comment(s) Dieting,Weight Loss

Diet Traps to Avoid

When we start on a diet, it’s easier in the beginning, as we are new to everything and we put a lot of effort into it, but after that, things change. The diet gets old and so does our interest in the diet. We sometimes forget about the diet and eat something that is not part of our diet, then feel guilty and start with the diet again. That is NOT how this is going to WORK. According to the FDA, about 8 Million Americans enroll in a weight loss program every year. Around $30 billion is spent every year by Americans on diet products and diet food, according to the U.S Food and Drug Administration. Then, why don’t we lose weight? There are the traps that we are bound  to fall into and will make us end our diet for a while – hence we gain our weight back that we lost. This is the problem most of us face while on a diet. Here we will discuss some of the traps that lure us to eat something that is not in our diet.

  • When in a restaurant, a person really needs to take serious care of the food he eats/consumes. The first thing to watch out for is bread. Since in most of the restaurants, the bread is the first food that arrives and the rest of the food arrives later. Until the food arrives, we tend to eat small pieces of bread and wait for the food. This is completely wrong, bread has a great number of calories and we can’t just keep eating it continuously until our food arrives. Tell the waiter to bring the bread with the other food or the other solution for this is to tell the waiter to bring only one piece of bread per person, this way one person will only eat their cut and then wait for the food to arrive.
  • People often change their diets if they see no or very little results. Your weight is not going to be reduced instantly, have patience. Don’t change your diet once you start. The key is to continuously be on one SINGLE diet and not change it every once in a while.
  • People often take a bag of the snacks and sit in front of the TV. They are not quite aware of how much they are eating and they just continue to eat. The solution to this is to take a restricted amount of snacks (the amount you feel is OKAY to consume in your diet) and then sit in front of the TV eating them. This way, when the snacks you have are completely consumed, you will have an idea of how much have you eaten.
  • Skipping meals is what people do very often these days. They think skipping meals will make them lose more weight, while it does the opposite. Skipping meals slows down your metabolism. The body actually thinks that it is in starvation mode and holds on to the fat instead of releasing it. If you think you will get fat by eating those meals, you can choose your right food to eat that will not get you fat. But DO NOT SKIP MEALS, that is not the way you lose weight.
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