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7 Tricks to Help you Deal with Hunger on the HCG Diet

Posted by 13/05/2019 0 Comment(s) Food, HCG, Health,Weight Loss

There is absolutely no reason for you to get hungry at all while on the HCG diet. Not unless something went wrong along the way. If you are slightly hungry before mealtime, this is just normal. However, if your hunger is significant, you better ask yourself these questions?

  1. Are you on the right dose?
  2. Do you drink enough water?
  3. Have you eaten something lately that contains carb or sugar?
  4. Are you having your shot at the same time each day?
  5. Are you eating enough?

You might inevitably experience at least some hunger especially during the very low-calorie diet but there are certainly several ways to deal with it. As expected, you’ll feel hungry during the early stage but it will start to get better towards the middle and the end of your diet. It isn’t always easy to suppress your appetite but these tricks can help you.

Tricks to Help you Deal with Hunger on the HCG diet

  1. Drink plenty of water

Your first line of defense is to drink a big glass of water. Water is very helpful to help you control your hunger. Just make sure that you are drinking the recommended amount of water each day.

  1. Drink coffee to suppress your appetite

Coffee contains caffeine that helps control your hunger naturally. Drink only black coffee. Avoid adding other ingredients that contain calories in it. Use Stevia to sweeten your coffee.

  1. Drink green or black tea

Teas are an excellent appetite suppressant. They contain a natural compound that can cause weight loss.

  1. Have a bit of extra protein and veggies

If you are still hungry after drinking water or tea. Then have a few extra proteins and veggies. Keep them handy on your fridge or cooler. Being hungry can lead to eating wrong choices of foods and will cause a derail on your program. Make sure also that you are getting adequate protein. Proteins will help you feel satiated between meals.

  1. Split your meals

Split your meals up throughout the day. You can have four separate smaller meals throughout the day by breaking your lunch and dinner into two meals. Splitting your meals can help you control your appetite.

  1. Limit your physical activity when on P2

Your body is limited only to 500 calories per day so naturally, if you do more physical activities, you’ll end up draining yourself. You’ll become hungry more often and you’ll be more likely to slip up.

  1. Add some spice

Spices like chili pepper, salt, vinegar can really jazz up your diet with HCG. You just need to get creative.