HCG Diet – Open the “Locks” on your stubborn Fat !

Is there any way to get rid of the stubborn fat around my hips and belly, without starving myself to death, or ending up as a weight loss pill addict?? I must have asked myself this question a thousand times over the last years, just to get even more depressed when realizing, that aging will only accelerate my misery and make me in no time a fat blob that goes out shopping at night, and munches secretly peanut butter bars out of the handbag ! If you just nodded your head, then you should not miss out on the following report, it may change your life!

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”I did it! So can YOU!”

According to media and armies of bloggers, there is a natural substance that will break up these nasty, untouchable fats, and make your body use them as energy source. One of the most popular diets discovered is gaining popularity day by day. The HCG DIET. Although not brand-new, and developed in the sixties – after studying distribution of calories and fat deposits in pregnant women – this program is popular all over the United States due to the recent news coverage.



Fox TV: “…a miracle cure!” “…HCG opens up the ‘locks’ on your stored fat.”

NBC: “A controversial new diet has some people dropping a pound a day…”


HCG does not require you to workout at all. Of course all kinds of activity will increase your results. For the HCG Diet we have to do HCG injections + a low calorie diet of 500-800kcal/day. Many dieters are flocking to forums to exchange their experience and there are hundreds of messages from real people recording eye-popping results:




HCG stimulates the body’s metabolic capabilities through increase of a natural occurring hormone: Chorionic Gonadotropin. Usually produced by pregnant women only, this hormone supports the adequate development of the embryo, even if the women is eating only a small amount of food. Quite an evolutionary mechanic you may think and it works exactly like that. It will allow to tap into those stored fats in your body and use these as a source of energy and will finally help reducing these problematic areas. Even with a low calorie diet of just 500-800kcal a day, most people do not feel uncomfortable or cravings, as the body will consume the released fats. Though HCG is a female hormone, the diet can fit both women and men.

Oprah Forums: “I started the hCG diet 9/08 I have done 2 rounds and lost 40lbs in 3 months on that diet…”

Are the injections painful? Not at all! We are only injecting in the upper fat layers around the belly button, with a super-thin needle, so no deep intramuscular injections are required. All can be done at home and lots of money – usually spent on doctors – saved. Are there any side effects? As I said earlier, it is a naturally produced hormone in pregnant women. And in that case even in a much higher concentration, than what is used in the HCG protocol. So if it does not harm a fetus or pregnant women, it should be very much safe for you as well.


Now, this is seriously one of the best and most promising diet programs around and confirmed in countless messages and video reviews. However, acquiring the HCG can be costly as you have to check with your doctor, pay high fees, and prescription cost. You can save this money now as hcg24.com will ship you the exact product that is used by Doctors and Weight Loss clinics at a fraction of the cost, and you will never be asked for any paperwork or prescription. Ready for your HCG Diet ?