Why Do You Need to Give Up Soda on the HCG Diet?

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Why Do You Need to Give Up Soda on the HCG Diet

Drinks that are labeled as sugar-free in the grocery store are not allowed while on the HCG diet. Just because they are labeled as sugar-free doesn’t mean that they are safe for your diet. One of the products that are labeled as sugar-free is diet sodas. Indeed, sodas do not contain the actual sugar that we know. However, it has artificial sweeteners that have the same effect as sugar in your body. The artificial sweeteners that are present in soda can cause weight loss tall during your HCG diet.

Why do you need to give up soda during Phase 2 of the HCG diet?

Health organizations such as the American Diabetes Association (ADA) and the American Heart Association (AHA), have given cautious approval to the use of artificial sweeteners in diet soda. Recent studies show that aspartame, the artificial sweetener in diet soda can interfere with the brain’s association of calorie intake to sweetness. Aspartame can trick the mind, as a result, dieters eat a greater amount of sweets and gain weight. All these can make you fat and ruin your progress during the HCG diet.

Dinking soda can cause other health issues such as strokes, cancer, diabetes, kidney failure, blood cholesterol, and heart problems. The decision is yours. Give up while it’s not too late. Why not consider some old-fashioned, zero-calorie water flavored with lemon and stevia? Give up on soda during the HCG diet to avoid deeper addiction to its caffeine. As early as now you have to quit it before it overpowers you.

Giving up on something is tough especially when it becomes part of your daily routine. It only means that when you quit drinking soda, things will get quite tough. But it will all be worth it because it can help you lose weight faster. Think of a good reason why you need to break your addiction to soda.

The utmost benefit of quitting soda during the HCG diet is you will reach your weight loss goal fast. When you give up soda, your body will improve its hydration. It can also help you maintain strong bones and teeth. Drinking soda can affect your kidney and renal health. Stopping your soda addiction abruptly sounds unrealistic just like quitting alcohol. Start slowly by limiting your daily consumption.

Does “quitting” soda during the HCG diet can cause withdrawal symptoms?

Withdrawal symptoms such as headaches, cravings, and hunger occur when you break your addiction right away. Avoid these symptoms by cutting soda slowly. Limit your intake every time you purchase foods in the grocery. Instead of ordering a soda, opt for a healthy choice such as cold water.

Does food with artificial sweeteners can trigger cravings for soda?

The short answer is yes. Artificial food sweeteners can trigger your cravings. It’s because soda contains artificial sweeteners that are present in other food products. When you try to break your addiction to soda, you need to quit eating artificially flavored foods. So before you eat and drink something, read the labels carefully.

Quitting soda is essential during the HCG diet. It is one of the keys so that you can reach your weight loss goal. Avoid soda and other sugar-sweetened drinks such as fruit juices, wine, and even weight loss soda. During the HCG diet, you can only drink water to maintain proper hydration. Drinking water can improve the flow of nutrients in your body. It can also flush out toxins out of your body.