What to do After Overeating on a Holiday Season? – The HCG Diet

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From Thanksgiving to Christmas and New Year, holidays can really weigh you down especially to those who are trying to lose weight or stick to the HCG Diet protocol. You put up a good fight but ended up eating one, two, or three servings of that creamy dish, a bucket of candy, the platter of biscuits, or a bunch of sugar cookies.
No matter how dedicated you have been, when the holiday season arrives, you tend to let go of the reins just like anybody else. Then, you wake up the next morning asking yourself these questions, “Where are those healthy routines I was following? Where are those helpful HCG Diet tips I was trying to remember?” In the immediate aftermath of the holidays, the absolute worst thing that you can do is to cut down on calories, skip meals, starve yourself or go on a very low-calorie diet in an attempt to undo the damage done. These quick fixes will only set you up to slip again. If you are looking for new ways to bounce back after eating too many decadents treats this season, check out the tips below. Don’t knock yourself The holidays are for indulging. Don’t think of it as throwing your diet off. You and your diet are merely taking a break. So, don’t beat yourself up just because you took part in some holiday excess. Acknowledge and accept that you got off track, then, let go of it and move on. Get over the guilt. Feel good about enjoying this year’s holiday goodies. Hydrate After waking up, drink a glass of water with cucumber or lemon the following day preferably. The antioxidant-rich vegetables can help reduce the swelling in the body. It also works for the digestive system following eating a lot of food at night. Proper hydration is key to avoiding hunger, getting rid of post-holiday bloat, and overall health, not to mention your body’s overall health. Go grocery shopping Shop for healthier foods like fruits, veggies, lean protein, unprocessed foods, and healthy fat sources such as nuts, avocado, and olive oil. Doing this will leave you no excuse for neglecting your diet. It will also give your digestive system a break after getting overloaded by a lot of foods over the holidays. Plan for healthy meals Yes, you’ve allowed yourself to indulge during the holidays. However, it is also smart that you plan for healthy, sensible lunches and dinners for the off days. Just make sure you plan for and stock up on simple, healthy prep meals, so they are ready when you need them. Sneak in some exercise but don’t overdo Whenever possible, get extra movement. When your grocery shopping, park your car at the far end of the parking lot. When possible, use the stairs over the escalator or elevator. If you commute via bus or train, pass up the closest stop and board those further down the line. When at the gym, don’t do killer workouts to burn those extra calories gained over the holidays. Exercise within your limits because you can’t balance out a binge with one killer workout. The most effective method is to resume your normal exercise routine, upping the intensity or duration slightly. Avoid sugar traps Avoid foods with sugar including diet sodas and low-calorie treats like almonds, and yogurt-covered pretzels. These foods also trigger foods that you need to remove from your sight. Snack smart Don’t skip a snack to avoid calories. Go for nuts and other healthy snacks.  Nuts are loaded with good stuff such as proteins and healthy fats that will keep you feeling full longer. Other smart snack ideas include apple slices with nut butter, whole-grain crackers with cheese, or 1.2 cups Greek yogurt with nuts and berries. Plan for a new weight loss cycle After indulging in holiday foods, you may probably consider additional measures to stay fit and healthy. The HCG Diet will help you with this. The program will help you every step of the way. Also, think about a short walk after a big meal. A short walk after a meal can aid digestion and help lower blood sugar levels. We all overeat during the holidays and some of us may have derailed from our healthy habits but don’t let this situation stress you out. Getting back in shape quickly is one of the best ways to deal with a setback. Each healthy choice you make is a reminder of your commitment to being healthy and fit all year long.