Things to Consider When Trying HCG Diet Again

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Before giving HCG diet a second chance here is what you need to know to make sure you will not fail this time.

Common problems during your first diet with HCG

There are plenty of dieters out there who fail during their first try with HCG diet. But many are so much willing to do the diet again because they now have a clear insight why they fail.

Failure to stick to the HCG diet protocol: This is one of the common problems most of the newbie encounter. Sticking to the protocol is very important. When you fail to stick with the HCG diet protocol your whole point of getting into the diet will also be a failure. Slipping with even a small detail like correct measurement and stuffs to avoid can cause a stall. Remember that your key to success with the HCG diet is to stick to the HCG diet protocol.

Giving up before trying: HCG diet is hard and I know that. I know how you feel because I’ve been in your shoes. After putting forth all your efforts yet you are not seeing results! All you want to do is to stop the diet right away. I do understand you but don’t do that. Don’t give up right away! It’s not the end.

Incomplete phases: One reason why you fail is that you didn’t complete each round of the diet. Each phase of the diet doesn’t last that long. Phase 2 only lasts for 3 weeks or 6 weeks depending on how many pounds you want to lose. After phase 2 comes the Phase 3 or the maintenance phase that lasted for 3 weeks. You must complete each of the phases for a maximum result.

Not using the right product: Using a quality grade HCG is critical in making your diet a success. Pure and real Pharma Grade product like what our site offers will not make you hungry.

What to consider when you decide to do the diet again?

Mental preparation, it’s your first step in making HCG diet a success this time. You have to commit and prepare yourself mentally. That means to say you should stay motivated and decided to stick to the HCG diet protocol by all means. This time you have to stay away from foods that aren’t HCG friendly. You have to measure your calorie intake. Another thing that you need to consider is to plan ahead.  Create your meal plan for the whole round. Try out some foods in the recipe before you jump right straight into the HCG diet. Planning ahead can prevent a lot of situations that may lead you off track from the HCG diet protocol. Lastly, make use of your past experience. Learn from your past to make this diet the best ever.