Tracking Your Weight Loss on the HCG diet: How to Take Body Measurement

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Do you measure your body to see if you have lost weight? Measuring is one way to track your weight loss progress during the HCG diet. Actually, there are other ways to see your progress, one is by using the scale. Although it’s the easiest and most accessible, you won’t be able to see the entire story when you use the scale alone.

Why take your body measurement?

Taking your measure can help ensure that you are consistently losing fat across all areas of your body. It will give you an accurate account of your progress. Additionally, seeing those fats come off quickly from your body is one of the best motivators during the HCG diet.

When you don’t see a drop on the scale, take your body measurement and get that satisfaction and peace of mind that the hormone is working magic on your body. The hormone is burning your body fat and not muscles.

The best time for you to take your body measurements is right before you started the HCG diet. This way you can observe the effects the HCG diet is having not just on your waist but on your entire body.

How to correctly measure your body from head to toe

  • Bust or chest

Start by placing one end of the tape measure at your fullest breast, nipple. Then extend the tape around your back and under your armpit to join back.

  • Waist

Often when we notice changes in our waistline, we realize our belts or jeans no longer fit correctly. To measure, wrap the tape around your waist, in line with your belly button. Make sure that the tape is in line all the way around.


  • Hips

Start measuring at the widest point of your hips. Find your hip bone and use them as your guide. Do this in front of the mirror as seeing whether the tape measure is level can be tough.

  • Thigh

Your thigh is often slow to changes. To measure, use the fullest part of your thigh as the point to measure. Each time you take the measurement, use the same leg.

  • Shoulder

To measure the shoulder, stand straight and measure the circumference around both shoulders.

  • Arm

Measure the fullest part of your arm and write each measurement separately. Often, your dominant arm can be more muscular, which can affect the numbers.

  • Neck

When you start losing weight, you can see changes in the face and neck as soon as possible. Start by measuring the midpoint of the neck.

Here are some tips on how to take measurements before and after the HCG Diet.

  • Measure the same area of the body every time you take your measurement. Measure at the same day each week.
  • Track your progress on your HCG diet journal.
  • Make use of moldable, soft tape measure that will conform easily to areas like your arm and thigh.
  • When measuring, measure with firm, not too tight or too loose.