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Skipping Meals on the HCG Diet 7/09/2020 0

Do you skip meals to control your weight? Skipping a meal is usually the first technique everyone does to lose weight. Usually, it’s breakfast but sometimes lunch as well. However, skipping a meal is not a good way to lose weight. Research found th...

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HCG Diet: Treatment for Obesity 24/08/2020 0

The HCG diet as of today is by far the most prescribed treatment for obese people and for good reasons. As opposed to those many that are against the use of it for weight loss, the HCG Diet has proven to not only work. It’s four times more effectiv...

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Weight Gain due to Lack of Sleep 17/08/2020 0

Getting 8 hours of sleep is an ideal way to go but in modern-day, sleep is an area that most people seriously lack, even for HCG Dieters. Lack of sleep is oftentimes an overlooked cause of weight gain. Sleeping less than seven hours can actually make...

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Roadblocks to Weight Loss Goals: How to Avoid Them 20/07/2020 0

Losing weight sounds so simple, you make changes-diet, habits, exercise and you’re skinnier but weight loss is often too tricky and the HCG Diet is no exemption to that. There can be so many roadblocks ahead that will keep you from reaching your we...

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Detox Bath to Rejuvenate You on the HCG diet

Detox Bath to Rejuvenate You on the HCG diet 22/06/2020 0

One of the best ways to relax and reward yourself from successfully surviving the weight loss phase is to take a warm detoxifying bath. A detox bath is extremely beneficial during the HCG Diet as it assists your body in clearing up wastes and acid lo...

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HCG Weight Loss Action

HCG Weight Loss Action 22/11/2016 0

If you have been battling with obesity for many years now, the new HCG diet is the solution to your problems. What keeps this diet on the top of the charts of all diets is, that it is safe to use, has almost no side effects, and can reduce body weigh...

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