Stop Sugar Cravings with the HCG Diet

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Any change in diet and lifestyle comes with challenges. One of these is sugar cravings. Our body receives a lot of signals, including signals to improve our health. Sometimes, our body emits subtle, yet challenging signals we ignore. When considering health and wellness, the elusive sugar cravings are often one of the most subtle and challenging signals we receive.

People who crave sugar, act on it, no matter what, and then feel some guilt afterward. Then they repeat the cycle over and over. Sugar cravings have a way of getting into people just at the right time. Well, some people can make quick changes but some need a bit more help and the right diet to prevent sugar cravings.a

Fortunately, you have the HCG diet to help you with this sugar addiction. The HCG diet will not only help you lose weight safely and quickly but will also help you fight off sugar cravings for good.

What is sugar addiction?

From pies to iced coffee to cupcakes, sugar is found in many foods. It’s almost impossible to avoid. But addiction to sugar goes beyond emotional eating. It stems down from the chemical signals you receive from the brain. Sugar craving is a type of biological disorder. It stimulates the reward center of your brain, releasing the feel-good hormone dopamine. Additionally, ghrelin and leptin hormones fuel sugar and carb cravings, which can lead to uncontrolled over-indulgence.

Regular consumption of sugar can create a short-term energy spark. However, because of the long-term addictive nature of sugar, long-term health effects like diabetes and obesity happen.

Reasons why you crave sugar

  • High stress– Lots of dieters turn to sugary treats when they feel stressed. When you are stressed, your cortisol level increases, making you crave sweets. When you eat sweet treats, you are getting the “calming and relaxing” hormone called serotonin.

This negative action is not acceptable on the HCG Diet. Stress can set your diet overboard. It can interfere with how hcg injections metabolizes abnormal fats. It counteracts the effects of the HCG making you put on weight. The best that you can do is learn how to manage your stress. Good thing also, with the HCG diet, you are guided to the right path of health and wellness.

  • You are dehydrated– Lack of water consumption is probably the most common cause of sugar cravings. When you do not consume enough water, this can be mistaken for hunger pains and sugar cravings.
  • Lack of sleep– Lack of sleep can make you crave sugar. Your cortisol hormone increases while your appetite-suppressing hormone decreases. It causes an increase in overall hunger, which can lead to cravings for sugar.
  • Meal skipping– Skipping meals can cause sugar cravings. As a result, your body will tell you need more nutrients for your mind and cells. When you notice this sign, your blood sugar levels are likely high to the point that it may be affecting your health.