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Staying Healthy during Coronavirus Outbreak

Posted by 11/04/2020 0 Comment(s) HCG, Health,Weight Loss

Coronavirus disease outbreak is upending life for many families. Things have gotten out of control- most routines have been thrown into disarray, school children and many working parents are finding themselves stuck at home for an indefinite time juggling childcare and other competing responsibilities. In an effort to fight against coronavirus disease the best thing to do right now while stuck at home is to stay healthy.

How to stay healthy while stuck at home

  1. Eat well

None of us can entirely prevent ourselves from getting infected without a vaccine and experts says that still months away. What we can do right now is to keep ourselves healthy at the same time maintaining a healthy weight.

If you are on the HCG diet, just follow the protocol. Most of the approved HCG diet foods are immune system booster that can add protection from the disease. They are high in vitamins A, B, C, D and E as well as minerals like zinc, iron, and selenium. Vitamin B in the approved HCG diet foods like broccoli, spinach, eggs, and fish are important foods for the brain and the happiness chemical serotonin during this time of crisis. If you are not on a diet just avoid processed foods as they are loaded with sugar.

  • Sleep soundly

Sleep is essential whether you are on or off the HCG Diet. Sleep gives time for the body cells to repair and steer clear from toxins. Lack of sleep can affect your immune system leaving you susceptible to the coronavirus. Those who don’t get enough sleep are more likely to get sick after being exposed to the virus. Lack of sleep can also affect your weight loss goal because of the hormones that regulate your hunger and appetite. It changes your food preferences giving you an intense craving for fat and sugar-laden foods. Just like exercise and eating it is essential also for you to sustain a regular sleeping routine. If you find it hard to sleep because you are worried about the pandemic then try to limit watching or reading a news report.

  • Make cooking and eating meaningful and a fun part of your family routine

Cooking and enjoying meals together with your family brings joy and togetherness amidst all the sorrow. It’s one of the precious good things happening as a result of the outbreak. Now is the time to be more adventurous in the kitchen, in perfecting your sourdough bread-making skills. If you’re on the HCG diet now is the time to showcase your inner-chef but if cooking isn’t your mastered skillset then there are tons of approved-HCG diet recipes that you can download anytime.

How to eat healthy while working from home

  1. Set your office space far from your kitchen

No stopping by your office mate’s desk for a piece of donut, no lunch at your favorite restaurant just around the corner of your office is a good thing though now you’re working from home. However, working from home brings new challenges to your health for a lot of reasons. At home, you won’t have to move around as much as you might at work. You are more tempted to wander over and check the fridge for countless times to grab something to eat. You might even reach for some chips or make yourself an instant soup or perhaps nibble on some salted nuts which is a big no when you’re on the HCG Diet.

To prevent this from happening, try to set up your desk far from your kitchen. Stay away from temptations. Decide that the only time you can visit your kitchen is when you are getting ready to have a planned meal or snack. You might also want to consider hanging a sign on your pantry or fridge that the kitchen is closed until the next scheduled snack or meal.

  • When you can, eat away from your desk

Though it may seem like a time-saver, eating on your working desk could impact your health and your weight loss goal. You’ll tend to overeat as you often do not pay attention to the texture and flavor of the foods you are eating. So why not try taking your meal to a proper table or perhaps outdoor to get a mood-boosting dose of nature.

  • Make a meal and snack plan

Prepare a meal and snack plan just as you schedule and plan out the rest of the day. As much as possible make a weekly meal plan and log them out on your HCG diet journal. Preparing a meal plan prevents you from making unnecessary trips to your kitchen cabinets and fridge. Remember that even though you are working from home you still need to follow the 500 calorie diet meal plan. You will start your day with coffee or tea for breakfast. Then, you will eat lunch and dinner at normal times. Both your meals may be chosen from the list of HCG diet-approved foods until you finish the entire protocol.

  • Be careful of too much caffeine

You can have unlimited cups of coffee throughout the day when you are on the HCG diet but tread carefully when it comes to caffeine. Too much of it can cause digestive issues, headaches, anxiety, and even fatigue. Aim for no more than two cups per day to avoid jittery feelings. Avoids creamers and use only Stevia for sweetener.