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Smart Cheating on the HCG Diet

Posted by 1/07/2019 0 Comment(s) HCG,Weight Loss

Want to know how to cheat and still lose weight on the HCG Diet?

If you are approaching the point where you can no longer resist your cravings, then cheat but do it properly! There are ways to cheat and still manage to lose weight. There are also ways to deal with your cravings without haunting your diet efforts.

Tips for Smart Cheating

  1. DO NOT cheat with carbs and sugar. Carbs in all form cause weight gain by raising your blood sugar. Your body then produces extra insulin to bring your blood sugar down. With more insulin, your body converts the carb to fat and stores them on your hips, abdomen, thigh and buttocks. Eat healthily. Prepare foods ahead of time and keep plenty of healthy snack foods like veggies, protein shake and beef jerky. These foods are low in carb but high in satiety and nutrition.
  2. Load properly. Proper loading on the HCG Diet is vital for the success of your diet. It is an extremely important step because if you will not load properly you are essentially cheating yourself. You can load on carbs but the emphasis should be on fats. Try to get a healthy balance of Omega 6 and Omega 3 fats.
  3. Increase your protein and phytonutrient intake. Phytonutrients are plant-based nutrition with protective qualities for your health. Together with protein, they are ideal for your health without making you gain weight. Raw veggies, protein shakes, egg white, tuna fish and beef jerky are good snack items that you can cheat on.
  4. Drink smart only if you must. Alcohols are high in calories and carb that can make you gain weight. However, a moderate amount of alcohol to unwind and celebrate is not bad at all. Choose the right adult beverages and consume them responsibly. Go away with beer, bourbon, whiskey and grain-based vodka. Stick with straight liquor mixed with zero-calorie beverages.
  5. Cheat on watermelon if you have a sweet tooth. It’s full of water but relatively low in sugar compared with other fruits. It contains carb but it has little to no effect on your weight. Cheating on fruits like watermelon is way better than cheating on a chocolate cake.

Cheating isn’t a bad thing but it is how you go about cheating. It’s your lack of control over cravings that make cheating bad.

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