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Second Round on the HCG Diet

Posted by hcg24.com 10/09/2018 0 Comment(s) HCG,Weight Loss

Losing 40 pounds in just one round is not ideal at all. Those who start doing the HCG diet don’t always aim for the maximum number of pounds in just one round. Instead, they take a small bite before trying to eat all the cooking. Most dieters prefer to do a second round or a third round in order to achieve their weight loss goal. Some choose to dip their toe in a shorter round of 26 days cycle with 23 injections. Others choose to do the longer version of the HCG diet with 40 hcg injections. Both approaches are totally fine. The success depends on the determination of the dieters and how far they wanted to do the diet.

Before a dieter can proceed to the second round there is this so-called “Maintenance phase “or the P3 where dieters implore a healthy lifestyle. This is followed by the breaks in between rounds which lasted for 6 weeks. This is the time where HCG dieters will decide whether they should proceed with the second round.

How to prepare for the second round of the HCG diet?

You don’t have to worry if you did not reach your weight loss goal. You can always do a second round. You don’t have to worry too with the HCG hormone because they all are natural with a very minimal side effect. In fact, you can try doing many rounds on the HCG diet. Just make sure that you observe the HCG diet breaks of 6 weeks. What’s good with starting the second round is that you’ll be much familiar with the diet requirements and you know what to do already.

  • Before your second round, continue with your healthy eating pattern. As much as possible do not skip back to your unhealthy eating routine. This can make your transition to the 500 calorie diet difficult.
  • Continue eating fruits, vegetables and lean protein during your breaks to make your transition easy.
  • Exercise during your break. Exercise will help your body offset the impact of the unhealthy foods.
  • On your loading days during the second round, you should follow the protocol. Stay with the protocol by all means.
  • If you’ve started using lotions and any oil-based cosmetics during the breaks, stop using them before resuming your diet.
  • If you have problems with counting your calories, try shopping your foods ahead of time. Plan out your recipes and review the list of HCG diet friendly food again.
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