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Roadblocks to Weight Loss Goals: How to Avoid Them

Posted by 20/07/2020 0 Comment(s) Dieting, Food, HCG,Weight Loss

Losing weight sounds so simple, you make changes-diet, habits, exercise and you’re skinnier but weight loss is often too tricky and the HCG Diet is no exemption to that. There can be so many roadblocks ahead that will keep you from reaching your weight loss goal. There are common ones that you practice but without realizing that it’s keeping you from getting towards your goal. It won’t be easy, as I have stumbled to so many roadblocks too but trust me, with the right determination and the right diet you can make it through the roadblocks on your way to improving your health and achieving that good look for all those summer events.

Common roadblocks to HCG Diet success

  • Sweeteners: Not all types of sweeteners are allowed on the HCG Diet even Stevia brands like Purvia, Truvia, and several others as they have some forms of sugar added to improve the taste. They shouldn’t be used especially during the weight loss phase.
  • Too much exercise: You do not have towork out for hours at the gym desperately trying to target all the trouble areas in your body when on the HCG Diet. In fact, it is not recommended engaging in strenuous activities while on the HCG Diet. Overexertion can only lead to muscle injury or pain. Recommended exercise includes walking, jogging, yoga, and running for at least 20 minutes. Run with your dog, ride your bike, or Zumba your heart out. Get your heart rate up in a way that you enjoy but do not overdo.
  • Becoming dehydrated: Dehydration is another common roadblock on the HCG Diet and will prevent you from losing the maximum weight possible. So, drink more water, stay hydrated, and let the power of water help your body break down those hard to get rid of fat deposits. Water can also reeve up your metabolism. Do not underestimate the power of water.
  • Spices and seasonings: Check the labels of all seasonings and spices before you use them. Make sure they do not contain sugar, oil, starch, and other ingredients not allowed on the HCG Diet.
  • Boring meals: Boring meals can prevent you from achieving the maximum level of success. Besides, eating the same thing day after day often leads to cheating. Vary your meals. Plan ahead. Make a quick search for HCG diet recipes online to find more options. You never know, you could find a new favorite meal each day.
  • Hormone replacement therapy: Most hormone replacement therapy (HRT) has been noted to completely impair or block weight loss. HRT may come in forms like pills, creams, patches, shots, gels, and many others. Creams, in particular, have a significant impact on weight loss due to the fat and oil content. If you decide to continue using hormone replacement therapy in any form while following the HCG Diet protocol, you have to discuss this first with your doctor.
  • Stress and Anxiety: Stress and anxiety can be a roadblock to your weight loss success. You may not notice it but when the level of “stress hormone cortisol” rises, it has a noticeable effect on your body. It takes a toll on your mental, physical, and emotional health.

Your stress hormone is a significant appetite stimulant that can turn your overeating into a habit. It causes a build-up of fat around the stomach area and leads to increased weight.  An increased stress hormone also increases your insulin levels. As a result, your blood sugar level drops and you crave for fatty, sugary foods. You are more likely to reach out for your comfort foods instead of the approved HCG Diet foods.  The only way to break the bond between high cortisol levels and foods is to prevent stress.

  • Medications: Most medications like those for cholesterol or high blood pressure do not have an adverse effect on the HCG Diet. However, medications like steroids can make you gain weight. Medications and supplement that is oil-based like ointments should be avoided. Just a friendly reminder: Do not stop taking your medication without informing your doctor.
  • Some allowed foods: Take extra caution to the high-fat content of some HCG diet-friendly foods like beef. Choose lean steak like filet or sirloin for lesser fat content. If you are using ground beef, do not use more than two or three times a week.
  • Lack of support: Lack of support can often time be a roadblock to your weight loss success. What to do about it? If it is your partner or relatives perhaps, get them on board with what you are doing. Tell them from the bottom of your heart that you are about to embark on something that will develop into a healthy lifestyle change. Tell them that successfully making these changes means a lot to you and that you are going to need their support.
  • Temptations: Temptation is everywhere. One bite will be okay, it’s only a little bite… these sometimes cross your mind, right? Now, one wrong bite can sabotage your weight loss and may cause a plateau to your weight. Most of all, one wrong bite can negatively affect your mindset.  What to do then? Learn how to make better choices and learn how to say NO to temptations.

Remember this

No weight loss program will be successful if you do not follow the protocol. It is essential to follow the protocol and learn what may hinder your ability to lose weight.

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