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Reasons Why Dieters Fail in the HCG Diet

Posted by 13/08/2018 0 Comment(s) HCG,Weight Loss

HCG diet is a breakthrough in the dietary industry. It allows you to lose weight faster with a very little side effect. In fact, you can lose an average of one pound a day in the HCG diet.  But there are occasions that you will fail. Failure can be- you didn’t hit your target goal weight or your weight stalls because you cheated. You’ll end up asking yourself “What had happened?”

Whatever your reason is, it never feels good thinking that you have failed at something. Let’s examine the reasons below why some dieters fail on the HCG diet and what can you do about it.


This is the top reason why most dieters fail on the HCG diet. It’s either you consume more than the allotted calories a day or you have consumed foods that aren’t HCG friendly. Keep in mind that you need to limit your calorie intake to 500 calories a day during the VLCD.

You can go beyond 500 calories only if you stay active during the day. If not, your body will start using the energy from the extra calorie instead of burning those unwanted fats. HCG diet can help you train your body and mind to function normally. But when you cheat, the entire purpose of your diet with HCG will be a total failure.

Not reading and following the HCG diet protocol

You’re too excited to do the HCG diet and you failed to read the HCG diet protocol. This is very wrong! You don’t have any idea on what to do and what’s going to happen once you started the HCG diet.

There are lots of dieters who read but didn’t actually follow the HCG diet protocol. Now that’s another issue. This will definitely cause a stall or worst another failure. One good example was Dr. Simeons instruction about NOT mixing your vegetables.

Choosing the wrong food

This is another reason that can make your weight loss journey with HCG diet unsuccessful. You choose the wrong food. You are to eat protein-rich foods and not high-fat foods like pork and steak. Your option should be the leanest as possible.

Lack of support

Support from people around you is so important. HCG diet is not an easy diet. So not having support will make your HCG diet even more prone to failure.

Lack of effort

It takes a lot of effort whenever you want to lose weight. You will definitely fail if you will not put forth your effort.

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