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Quick Fix Guide to Recover after Cheating on the HCG Diet

Posted by hcg24.com 24/06/2019 0 Comment(s) HCG,Weight Loss

As HCG dieters, you are greeted with endless possibilities to cheat. Though we keep on telling you not to cheat, we also know that you have moments of weakness and that you’ll eventually give in to the temptation. Now, if you mess up, do not give up because you can always get back on track. There are several things that you can do to recover from cheating on the HCG Diet.

Quick fix guide

  • Eat clean! Stay away from sugar and carbs for the next couple of days. Eat plenty of proteins and vegetables. You can omit fruits and carb and replace it with proteins and lots and lots of veggies. This will really help you recover after cheating.
  • Space your meals out and eat plenty of vegetables. Vegetables are generally low in calories but high in fibers. Eating plenty of veggies is the best way to fight hunger on the HCG Diet.
  • Cheat properly. If you really have to cheat, cheat properly by simply eating more of what you are allowed to eat on the HCG Diet. Once you’re acquainted with the allowed food and calorie limit, avoiding cheating will be so easy.
  • Do not over-correct! You’ll be tempted to do anything all at the same time just to get the weight off but this isn’t the best strategy. Avoid skipping meals because this will only cause weight gain. Skipping your meals will slow down your metabolism and you’ll find yourself the next morning a pound heavier. Avoid doubling up your dose because this will not help speed up your weight loss result.
  • Don’t try to burn the extra calories off. Exercise while on the HCG diet can lead to extreme tiredness, fatigued and increased hunger. This can only increase your chances of cheating again.
  • Drink water to help your body flush out those extra salts. Salt is the number one culprit for water retention. The weight you’ve gained after cheating is just water weight and not fats. Flushing out those extra salt will help flush out excess water.
  • Make plans so you won’t have to cheat again. Come up with realistic options that fit your lifestyle like having some approved HCG diet snacks handy on your bag so you can just grab them whenever you are hungry.
  • Always check your dose. If you are consistently hungry, you might want to check your dose and see if the dose is still right for you.

Cheating can happen to anyone so don’t feel down and get back on track. Don’t forget all the good work you’ve done and the amazing results you’ll be seeing.

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