No Fruits on Phase 2, Why Not?

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Many overweight dieters were actually responsible eaters. Many exercised not by incidents only. However, due to some health issues like the hormonal imbalances, thyroid and adrenal problems they just gained weight. They couldn’t even lose it no matter what they do. Many who choose to do the HCG diet find it perfectly okay to do the protocol the regular way like eating their fruits and carb options. However, there are those who chose sometimes not to include the fruits and carb options in their protocol. Why?

For these reasons:

  • Increased sugar addiction
  • Cravings

Dieters who chose to eliminate completely the fruits and carbs from their diet find that their cravings disappear too. Those who cut-out on their fruit options find it easier to focus on their protein. By removing fruits, they have plenty of rooms for the calories from proteins.

What to eat in place of the missing calories?

If you’re one of those who crave for more calories after eating your share of fruits and carb toast, you can replace those missing calories with the following:

  • Eat the fat-free Greek Yogurt but be mindful of the sugar content. At least pick the one with the lowest sugar content.
  • Eat more veggies and be generous with it. Some sometimes ended up eating mushrooms, broccoli and bell pepper. But they only do this during those times that they remove the fruits and carbs.

You can actually eat less than the required calories per day but you ONLY do this when you are not actually hungry. And DO NOT remove the protein options. Removing protein is never an option. The feeling of not needing to eat all the 500 calories per day happens when you remove the carbs and fruits in your diet.

Things to remember when removing the fruits and carb options

  1. Be careful with your blood sugar level especially during the first few days of the very low calorie diet. Since you’ll be in a very low carb diet and you choose to remove the fruits and carbs, your blood sugar level may also tend to be low.
  2. You might actually end up having a low ending weight if you choose to remove fruits during the phase two of the HCG diet.