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I End Up Losing 34lbs on The HCG Diet

Posted by 19/11/2018 0 Comment(s) HCG,Weight Loss

My name is Debra. I have tried losing weight for almost 10 years. I could not stand to look at myself in the mirror because what I can see was a different me- a very heavy me of 200 pounds.

I have tried every diet available in the planet but everything else failed. I would lose some weight but then I would put back twice the amount I lost. I was at the end of the rope when I decided to try HCG injections.

I have learned about HCG injection from a co-worker and I decided that I would give my last chance. And if nothing works, then I would probably settle being an obese all my life.

When I started doing the program, I find it to be hard and I find myself almost quitting. But after some time, my body soon become adjusted and I started to lose weight. I did the shorter round at first and I lost 12 pounds at the end of my first round.

I continued doing my second round with the HCG Diet. By the end of the second round, I ended up losing 22 pounds. From the time I started this diet regime, I have lost a total of 34 pounds and I felt so wonderful about it. It has been 6 months now since I last did the HCG diet and I have been able to keep my weight off. My last weight during the last round was 166 pounds. Now, I weight 169 pounds and I only gained 3 pounds for 6 months. My goal weight is to lose some 10-15 pounds more for my height and I know with HCG diet everything is possible. HCG diet is truly amazing!

I was completely satisfied with the result. HCG Diet truly works. Though it was hard at the beginning, I became more motivated when I started losing one to two pounds a day. I became elated with my new figure. I lost my fats reserve but I have maintained my muscle. My body’s metabolism was redefined and my body now functions at its optimum level. No doubt the HCG Diet is truly amazing. If you will really stick to the program you will not only shed the weight off. You will surely keep them off for good as I was able to keep my weight off for 6 months now.