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Losing 32 pounds with HCG Diet

Posted by hcg24.com 24/09/2018 0 Comment(s) HCG,Weight Loss

Weight Loss: 32 pounds

How did I do it? One round of HCG injection

My weight loss wakeup call: I was hired as an orientation guide at my school college-it was my first job. I was required to dress up for my work. So I decided to go shopping for collared shirts and khaki pants. I was shocked at the first pair of clothes I’ve tried. I usually wore a size 38 pants for years but the size was too small for me now. I have tried another pair, this time it was size 42- and it fit me. I still bought the pant size 38 as a motivation to help me jumpstart my hcg diet weight loss.

My secret to success: I have tried HCG injection. I did the very low calorie diet with the daily injections of the HCG hormones for a 46-day cycle. I couldn’t believe that in such a short time I lost 22 pounds without feeling hungry at all. With HCG diet, I do not have to rush from work to the gym every day and get all sweaty just to lose those fats away.

With just one round of HCG injections, I can put on clothes that are much smaller in size and even look good and great in them. It was my confidence booster. I have so much more confidence in myself than I have ever had.

How I came across with HCG diet: I never thought I’d become one of the yo-yo dieters myself. I was too busy with life and school that I haven’t realized I was slowly putting on weight. My wakeup call was when I went shopping for khaki pants and I couldn’t even put on the old size that I’m used to.

I have tried hitting the gym for some time but I was not shedding even a pound. Then a friend from the gym told me about HCG diet. I have tried doing it with high hopes of losing weight and looking better at my first work.

Any stalls encountered: My first few days were awesome. I can’t believe I’ll be losing a lot of weight. At the end of the first week, I lost a total of 9 pounds. That’s way too big for me though. At the end of the second week, I lost another 8 pounds but in my third week, I only lost 5 pounds because of a stall. I did a mini steak day so I could go back in track and I did.

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