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Lima’s HCG Weight Loss Story

Posted by hcg24.com 8/10/2018 0 Comment(s) HCG,Weight Loss

She has been dieting for 20 years and HCG diet was the ONLY program that has worked for her. In just one round of HCG injections, she’s 30 pounds lighter and able to breathe better.

  • Initial weight: 277 pounds
  • Number of rounds: 3
  • Amount of weight loss: 82 pounds
  • End weight: 195
  • Health Issues: Pre-diabetic, high cholesterol, high liver enzymes

Lima’s weight loss break down on hCG Diet program

  • Round 1: 30 pounds
  • Round 2: 26 pounds
  • Round 3: 26 pounds

Total: 62 pounds

Her wakeup call: Her wakeup call was her health issues. She was on the borderline of being diabetic and her cholesterol level isn’t normal anymore. Her liver enzymes were high too.

Her secret to success: When she heard about HCG diet she thought that it was crazy. It’s even crazier to be sustained with only 500 calories a day yet she gave it a try. She has done a lot of diets for 20 long years and she’s got nothing to lose anyway. Her secret-she sticks with the protocol and she just let her weigh come off. Unlike other diets, she did not experience any hunger and anxiety at all. She had an unfavorable weight stalls but it was quickly reversed by a mini steak day.

Her realization: HCG diet proved her that there’s hope after 20 long years of dieting with no results. HCG diet has improved her health dramatically. She’s now able to breathe better and she actually likes walking on her machine. Her habit of runaway eating has changed and she’s now able to choose and enjoy eating healthy foods without guilt. She now loves to eat fruits, veggies, cottage cheese and sugar-free yogurt. Although she has not reached yet her goal weight, her cholesterol and liver enzymes are back to normal. HCG diet was her life-saver and she’s planning to do another 46-day cycle.

Her story was a testimony to the proven 40 years of research. Her story will enable her children and her grandchildren to take charge of their health and their happiness. Her experience was a priceless one that continues to benefits her and her family now and the many healthy years to come.

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