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How is your metabolism affected by ageing?

Posted by 22/11/2016 0 Comment(s) Fitness, Health,Metabolism


The mechanism of burning fat and calories from body is known as metabolism. Normally, the metabolism rate is high in males than females and their muscles tend to burn calories very quickly. Similarly the metabolism rate is higher in infant and decrease gradually with ageing. But nowadays people are getting inactive and desire to have a comfortable lifestyle and this case their muscles are less utilized and resulting in low burning of fat and calories. As soon as a person reaches the age of 50 years, there is a reduction in the mass of muscles by nearly 5 per cent every year. Due to this reason the process of metabolism goes slower. However, if you keep yourself active by just following some recommended physical exercises that involves the muscles then definitely you will be able to maintain your body’s metabolic rate.

As the person ages but obviously his strength decreases resulting in inactiveness and their muscles lose strength this resulting in down fall of metabolic rate. So it is very essential that you should follow some correct diets that are low in calories and high in nutrient in order to maintain your body’s metabolic rate, along with proper diet it is also very important that you should follow some physical exercises. In actual metabolic rate of human body does not go slow as they grow old but the reason is lesser physical activity arising and due to retirement and comfortable lifestyle with diet pattern that makes their muscles weak and they increase their weight thus resulting in slow metabolic rate.

If you desire to retain your muscles in old age also then it is suggested that you should follow some proper exercises regularly, on the other hand it will also help you to maintain the metabolic rate of your body. The matter of fact is that we by our own can decrease the metabolic rate of our body with the help of some external factors and our habits. So it is very essential that we should follow some fitness regime and healthy diet plan to maintain metabolic rate even after maturing.

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