HCG Diet: Where to Inject

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Here are the five main areas in your body where you can inject the HCG:

  1. Your abdomen or the belly area

Your abdomen is the most recommended area of your body for your HCG injections.  Do not inject too close to the belly button. You need to stay away at least two fingers away from your belly button when injecting. You can inject at the front of your belly and at the side as long as it’s not too close to your belly button. Take a pinch of fat near your belly area and insert the needle. Injecting in your abdomen is so easy to see that most dieters choose this site. Another reason is that it is where most of your fat is.

  • At the back of your arm

The outer area of your upper arm is another site for HCG injection.  When injecting in this area, you might want to need the edge of the table so you can inject properly. You can put your arm on the table and roll it a bit forward to make the skin a bit taut.

  • Your hip rolls

Your hip roll is a bit harder to inject that you might want to ask someone else to inject it for you. The hip rolls are the rolls of fat that you carry around your side.

  • Your outer thigh

You can find your outer thigh simply by putting a hand above your knee width wise and another hand over the top of your leg. The opened area is a safe zone for injection. Pretty much anywhere in the uncovered area is fine to inject.

5.  Your buttock area

Your buttock area is another area in your body where you can inject if you can reach them OR if you have someone to inject it for you every morning.

Injection Tips

Injection tip No. 1: The injection is actually painless if you’ve got plenty of fats to melt. You can feel the needle slightly prick through your skin but once it slides you will feel nothing. If you really not into the needle thing, you can put a piece ice on the injection site before sticking the needle to numb your skin a bit.

Injection tip No. 2: Change your injection area if you will feel pain from injecting. Once you are losing fat on your usual injection site, you’ll start to feel pain so you need to change up your routine.