HCG Diet Meal Prep Hack for Better Weight Loss

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Weight loss is no easy task. If it were, there wouldn’t be any dieting programs and challenges. Thankfully, weight loss programs such as the HCG diet exist, and when strictly followed, anyone can lose weight.

The HCG diet is an effective weight loss plan, which anyone can follow.  It’s designed to help obese and overweight people to lose when only if strictly followed. There may be lots of restrictions during the diet, including calorie restrictions, allowable foods, and meal preparations. Keep in mind that all these are vital for the overall success of the plan.

Meal prep on the HCG diet

Meal preparation has long been touted as the nutrition go-to in the dieting world. When done correctly, meal prep can be one of the biggest factors helping you lose weight faster on the HCG Diet. However, getting your meal prep right takes a bit of strategy, but it is possible.

Meal prep hacks on the HCG Diet

Below are meal prep hacks you should know during the HCG diet:

  1. Prepare your foods ahead of time: Meal prep is a must. One good hack in preparing your meal is to do it ahead of time. Proper planning is needed in terms of:
    1. Organizing your menu and shopping list
    2. Grocery shopping for the ingredient (at least for a week)
    3. Budgeting, as you need to know exactly how much you plan to spend for the week.
    4. Preparing your kitchen tools
  1. Cook in batches: This will help you cut your meal prep time down and eliminate the stress that comes along with meal preparations. When cooking, cook several protein options at a time, place each one in separate containers then throw them in the fridge. You can consume them within three to four days.
  2. Spice up your meal: Don’t let your meals be boring. Spice them up! Tasteless, boring meals can cause you to fall off the diet bandwagon. There are plenty of HCG diet-friendly spices and seasoning available that can add zing to your every meal. Basil, thyme, rosemary, oregano, and many others are a great addition to your spice rack. But beware, not all spices and seasonings sold in stores are HCG-diet friendly. Some have other added ingredients like sugar, starch, and oil and may affect your weight loss.
  3. Make a weekly meal prep menu: Curate your menu for a week. There are lots of recipes online that you can just easily download. Making a weekly meal plan will also help you know exactly how much foods you need to buy. Another tip in making your weekly meal menu, try experimenting with different recipes before embarking on the journey with the HCG diet. List down all those recipes that you and your family like, so you wouldn’t have to make two separate meal preparations.
  4. Pre-prep your ingredients: It’s a great short-cut. Doing this can cut your time spend in the kitchen. Prepare your protein choice ahead of time. Trim all the skin and fat, then cut them raw into 100 grams each. For shrimp, you can clean and freeze them.