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I would be ready with the bikini season – HCG Diet is a miracle!

Posted by hcg24.com 12/11/2018 0 Comment(s) HCG,Weight Loss

My name is Alison and I am 28 years old. I have lived an active life. I was physically fit and I received many compliments from that. The gym was my life- I do a lot of weight lifting, spinning and kickboxing until I have a back injury due to an accident.  I couldn’t keep up my pace anymore and I became overweight. Years after the accident, I got married and had a baby. The pregnancy weight does not seem to go away. Foods had always got the best of me.

I used to weight around 155 pounds to 165 pounds at my height of 5’6” during my early 20’s. But now I am getting heavier and heavier as I get closer and closer to 30’s. I am 85 pounds heavier now. Being this heavy has taken a toll physically, mentally and emotionally on me, especially after being fit and healthy for many years.

Something has to change-but my health won’t allow me to do kickboxing nor weight lifting again. I have tried a super low calorie diet but it only makes me extremely exhausted. I have heard about the HCG Diet but I was skeptical about it. I thought at first it was just another scam trying to make money out from the users. But when I researched about it, I found all the information too good to be true. I read Dr. Simeon’s book called Pounds and Inches. After hearing nothing but all good things about the HCG diet, I finally came to a decision to give it a shot.

I was officially weighing a huge 250 pounds during my loading days. I was wearing a triple extra-large pant during that time. After only a few weeks of having my shots of HCG injection, I was sitting at 228 pounds, wearing a double extra-large pant and ready to go even lower. On my second round with the HCG Diet, I was 24 pounds down and only wearing an extra-large pant.

HCG diet has changed the way I live. I know I still have more pounds and inches to lose and now I can do it with HCG Diet. Maybe after another 2 more rounds, I would be ready with the bikini season. HCG Diet is a miracle! It works and I would definitely recommend HCG diet to anybody who struggles with their weight.

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