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HCG Diet: How Much to Inject?

Posted by hcg24.com 26/03/2019 0 Comment(s) HCG,Weight Loss

HCG is injected only ONCE a day, typically in the morning. Usually, it can take you about a minute or two and finally you’re done! However, the BIG question is How much should you inject?”

According to the original protocol of Dr. Simeon, the minimum daily dose that you can inject is 125 i.u to 175 iu. The maximum daily dose is 200i.u. If you are still feeling hungry on the lower dose, you might want to talk with your health care professional so you can adjust your dose to offset your hunger. Men can have higher doses due to how much they eat while menopausal women, their dose can drop as low as 75 iu.

Getting familiar with the syringe

The HCG kit comes with insulin needles and syringes. The most common syringe sizes that come with the HCG kit are 30 units or .3cc/ml, 50 units or .5cc/ml and 100 units or 1cc/ml. The needles are so tiny usually 5/16” or ½” inch long. This makes the needle slide into your skin and fat painlessly and very easily.

How to find your dose in the syringe

HCG Diet Dosage Chart

  • 125 IU- .125 cc/ ml or 12.5 units on the syringe
  • 150 IU- .15 cc/ ml or 15 units on the syringe
  • 175 IU- .175 cc/ml or 17.5 units on the syringe
  • 200 IU- .20 cc/ ml or 20 units on the syringe

The dosage chart ONLY applies to 5000 i.u vial of HCG with 5ml of bacteriostatic water. For 10 ml of bacteriostatic water with 5000 i.u of HCG vial, use the chart below.

  • 125 IU- . 25 cc/ ml or 25 units on the syringe
  • 150 IU- .30 cc/ ml or 30units on the syringe
  • 175 IU- .35 cc/ml or 35 units on the syringe
  • 200 IU- .40 cc/ ml or 40 units on the syringe

Signs that HCG is working right

You are using the right dose of the HCG hormone if:

  • You do not feel hungry throughout the day.
  • You will feel a bit hungry during your meal time but you are not starving.
  • After each meal, your body has enough energy until your next meal.

Signs of hunger

Before you delve on ways to curb your appetite down, make sure that you are using the right dose of HCG. Some of the hunger signs when the dose isn’t right for your body are:

  • Painful, deep burning sensation in your stomach
  • Uncontrollable cravings for foods
  • Physical weakness
  • A rumbling sound in your stomach

If you experience true hunger then it’s about time to adjust your dose of HCG so you can continue losing those fats and not the muscles.

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