Hair Loss on the HCG Diet

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Hair loss is not only specific to the HCG diet. The risk of losing hair is associated with any diet that restricts calorie intake. Hair loss during the HCG diet is very rare and only temporary, so set aside all your worries and focus on losing weight. Keep in mind that the benefits you can get out from doing this diet far exceed the side effects.

Losing hair can be a bit frightening, and it is an accepted fact. Hair loss can happen because of many reasons; lack of nutrients, anemia, thyroid issues, stress, and of course weight loss.

Hair loss on the HCG diet can happen for two reasons:

  1. Hormonal changes: As you start having your HCG shot, your body will have to use the fat reserve as an alternative source of fuel. Your body will enter the ketosis state and switch from carb-burning to fat-burning mode. Because of this metabolic state, your brain will behave as if it is being deprived of calories. Either you’ll experience hormonal changes at the start or after your round.

Since HCG is a natural hormone produced by pregnant women, it isn’t surprising that many women experience hair loss during pregnancy or after giving birth. Hair loss during the HCG diet, if there is, it’s similar to hair loss during pregnancy. So, relax and enjoy every moment of your journey. It’s just temporary and totally normal.

  1. Stress: Dieting can be stressful for some people. Oftentimes, it’s not just psychological but physical. Fat loss in just a short time is considered a stressor. But then again, you have nothing to worry about because the potential benefits of the HCG diet far outweigh any stress that it may cause.

Hair loss on the HCG diet due to stress doesn’t happen to anyone. Almost certainly, if something like that happens to you, it has already happened in the past.

Ways to combat hair loss during the HCG diet

  • Take vitamins and mineral supplements: Taking vitamin and mineral supplements is one of the most proactive steps you can take to prevent hair loss. Taking supplements will help ensure that you are meeting your mineral needs.
    • Vitamin B6, B7, and B12– These B vitamins helps promote the growth of hair follicle. Best sources of vitamin B7, B6, and B12 during the HCG diet include eggs, nuts, fish, and cheese. Whole grains, beans, lentils, potatoes are also great sources of B vitamins.
    • Vitamin C– Vitamin C has long been touted for its beauty benefits from younger-looking skin, anti-aging properties to stronger, longer growing hair. Taking vitamin C supplements helps promote healing and cell growth. It creates collagen that is an important part of the hair structure. It also helps absorb iron, necessary for hair growth. While on the HCG Diet, strawberries, oranges, and grapefruits are just some good sources of vitamin C.
    • Zinc- Zinc plays a vital role in hair repair and growth. It helps keep the oil gland around the hair follicle working.