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Exercising While on the HCG Diet?

Posted by 9/03/2020 0 Comment(s) Fitness, HCG,Weight Loss
Exercising While on the HCG Diet

Losing weight requires effort. However, unlike what other people think, dieting is not sufficient. No matter what your diet program is, your body has to remain active to continue burning decades of fat build-up. The same goes for the HCG Diet. So, while you are occupied in cutting back on your calories to 500 calories a day along with your daily shot of HCG, it is vital to find time to squeeze into lighter exercise regimen.

Is it required or not?

It is not required to exercise while you are on the HCG Diet but if you can do so, then why not. Dr. Simeons only cautioned dieters from doing strenuous activities or working out while on the HCG Diet, but he did not mention in his book about totally restricting dieters from doing any exercises.

Some dieters can really exercise and do quite well on this diet. If you think you are healthy enough, nothing is wrong with your body, except that you are overweight, exercise on the HCG Diet can be beneficial for you than just simply relying on cutting back on your calories.

Just see to it you are doing the appropriate exercises per Phases – exercises done in the right way and proper amount of time. It should also conform based on the phases and to your energy level. Take note of the fact that not all exercises are advisable while you are on the HCG Diet. The rule of the thumb is- high or strenuous exercises are not allowed. Exercise should be short, light to medium.

Phase 2

It’s possible to exercise while on the second phase. However, dieters doing exercise on this phase must be extra cautious given that they only entered the diet protocol and their bodies might still need some adjustment to the calorie deficit it faces. Additionally, dieters on this phase are more prone to experience the common side effects of carb withdrawal such as headache and nausea. A good guideline during phase 2 is not to do exercise that can raise your heart rate above 100 bpm.

Phase 3

If you are on this phase, you are more capable of doing some exercises. Here, you are more adjusted to the program and your body is more adjusted to the calorie restrictions it faces. Exercise is therefore recommended at this phase as it helps dieters release some stress, allow them to have a higher level of stamina and be more confident with their self. However, you have to practice caution and listen to your body when doing exercise on this phase. It is recommended not to do exercise that would bring up the heart rate level at its maximum.

Phase 4

This is the maintenance phase where you can now establish doable and concrete healthy habits. Here, you need to be consistent with your food habits and be physically active all the time to keep your weight off for good. Be cautious and take one step at a time. Gradually increase the intensity of your workout as day progresses and as you fell stronger and healthier. Weightlifting, crossfit and other vigorous exercise you are interested in suits this phase.

How can you combine exercise on the HCG Diet?

The main risk when incorporating exercise on the HCG Diet is that you might burn muscle mass instead of burning fat because your body is on a calorie deficit. As you burn your muscle mass your metabolism can slow down. This can happen if you exercise inappropriately.  If you do exercise, you may want to up your calorie a bit somewhere between 100 to 250 calories on top the 500 calories. Try adding a 3rd protein serving like a sugar-free protein shake before or after your workout.  Some ideas might be an egg white. To help replace the lost electrolytes, add a fresh squeezed orange or lemon on your water and a dash of salt.

Things to consider if you want to do exercise on the HCG Diet

  1. After doing an exercise, how do you feel? If you feel good, it’s a pretty indicator that adding exercise on the HCG Diet is a good thing.
  2. Do you get food cravings after doing an exercise? Or feel crappy, fatigued after? It’s a bad indicator. Exercise is not best for you on the HCG Diet. Exercise is also not a good idea if you have dealt with some chronic health issues in the past and you have health complications.

Acceptable HCG Diet Exercise

Exercise for dieters on the HCG Diet who are taking in very little calories should remain light and easy. While you are on HCG, you will be keeping your carb intake to minimum. Carbohydrates are your body’s main and immediate source of fuel which is particularly crucial during long cardiovascular exercises. Without enough calories, you can become dizzy, exhausted, fatigue and will become extremely hungry.

  1. Aerobic exercise

Aerobic exercise can be a lot of fun. It can burn fat in a short time. This exercise can strengthen your body, keep your body health and fit for a long time.

  • Walking

One of the best exercise that you can do while on the HCG Diet is walking. A mile or two on a regular basis three times a week will be great. Walking will help burn stored fats in your body. You can also do paced walking to help you lose weight faster but do not go overboard.

  • Cycling

Cycling is another allowed light exercise while on the HCG Diet. Cycling is a good exercise that won’t strain your muscle and joints. You can enjoy cycling in your neighbourhood or on a stationary bike at home or in the gym.

  • Yoga

Yoga is another fun and helpful exercise that you can do while you are on the HCG Diet. Yoga will increase your strength as well as your stamina; and establish body balance and a good body and mind connection.