Exercise and HCG Diet: What to Expect

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Exercise is not a requirement on the HCG diet and may or may not be beneficial for some dieters at all. But it appears that some HCG dieters can really exercise and do quite well on this protocol while others cannot. Now, if you think your body is sound enough to handle exercise, and your only problem is you are overweight, exercise on the plan can actually be better for you than simply dieting alone. Just keep in mind that too much exercise can cause muscle loss and if you wish to incorporate exercise while on HCG injections, you may want to add another protein serving such as protein shakes into your diet.  

What to expect when you combine exercise and HCG diet 

Make sure you remember a few things while doing this, so you won’t end up getting discouraged if you fail.  

  1. You may need to increase your calorie intake 

This doesn’t seem so bad. It’s kind of nice to know that you can eat a little more, right? And it makes complete sense too because if you decide to exercise while you are on this protocol, you may need to up your calorie intake a bit. Try eating a little more protein either before your workout or after. A good option can be whey protein powder or some eggs. Try adding around 100 to 250 more calories but do not go beyond 250 calories. This is to ensure you have enough energy during the day.  

  1. It’s going to take longer 

Water retention is common when you exercise and this could lead to slower weight loss. So, don’t be shock if you can’t see bigger loss on the scale as this is completely normal. Even though you see gains and fewer losses on the scale, it does not mean you are not losing fat. In fact, your fat cells are being replaced by lean muscle. Ultimately, you’ll see results when you allow your body to adjust.  

  1. It is necessary to replace electrolytes lost during exercise 

Drinking lots of water is a big part of the protocol, and this is very important. However, when doing an exercise, we tend to drink too much and this could ruin the electrolyte balance. To replace lost electrolytes after a workout, simply add lemon and a dash of salt to your drink.  

  1. You need to work out less intensely 

Exercise one of the best ways to speed up your body’s ability to burn calories. However, if you are on the HCG injection and getting a relatively low-calorie diet, exercise can make you extremely hungry, especially if you are doing an intense one. Intense exercise can push your body into starvation mode. You’ll run out of energy and may not be able to get through the day. You wouldn’t want this, right? 

Do not let this happen to you. If an exercise can make you do better during the HCG diet, keep it low. Decrease the intensity of your workout. Fuel from fat is not immediate and your body has no immediate source of energy to keep you going.