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Low Carb Diet Tips on Phase 3 29/06/2020 0

Phase 3 of the HCG Diet sits somewhere in the middle. Here, you gradually increase your calorie intake as you reintroduce foods back into your diet. Part of which are carbohydrates. As far as nutrition is concerned, the consumption of carb remains on...

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Detox Bath to Rejuvenate You on the HCG diet

Detox Bath to Rejuvenate You on the HCG diet 22/06/2020 0

One of the best ways to relax and reward yourself from successfully surviving the weight loss phase is to take a warm detoxifying bath. A detox bath is extremely beneficial during the HCG Diet as it assists your body in clearing up wastes and acid lo...

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HCG Dieting Mistakes during the Maintenance Phase

HCG Dieting Mistakes during the Maintenance Phase 10/05/2020 0

The HCG diet is an amazing weight loss plan that will help you shed weight quickly but like any other diet, it’s not immune to failure. Phase 3, in particular, is as hard as the very low-calorie phase that’s why many dieters make mistakes. It pre...

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Super Foods for HCG Diet Phase 3 6/05/2020 0

HCG diet phase 3 is a great time for you to start adding super healthy foods that will not only help you maintain your weight but also offer incredible health benefits. Below are super healthy maintenance foods you must try. Coconut oil It’s HCG Di...

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Snack Ideas during the Maintenance Phase of the HCG Diet 4/05/2020 0

Moving from the very low calorie diet phase into the maintenance phase can be quite scary especially if it is your first time. Here, you can start your journey by eating like a normal person. However, just like on the very low calorie diet phase, the...

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HCG Diet Phase 3 Summary 27/04/2020 0

The maintenance phase of the HCG Diet others called it as phase 3 lasts for three weeks. Here’s what you need to remember each week: First week of the maintenance phase: The NO starches or sugar week Start slowly as abrupt changes can cause weight ...

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Phase 3 of the HCG Diet 30/03/2020 0

Phase 3 of the HCG Diet or the maintenance phase is absolutely critical for the overall success of the HCG Diet protocol. This phase comes after you will complete the 500 calorie protocol whether you are following the shorter or the longer protocol. ...

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The Best Teas on the HCG Diet 3/03/2020 0

The only drinks allowed on the HCG Diet aside from water are coffee and tea. Green and basic teas and plain, black coffee are the only beverages listed on Dr. Simeons’ manuscripts. Making wrong choices on the allowable drinks while on the HCG Diet ...

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HCG Diet Recipes – Shopping Guide 20/01/2020 0

Making your way to the grocery store to shop for your HCG Diet recipes can be a bit harder than can imagine. Temptations are everywhere. They’re all around the corner of every grocery store but with a few strategies we can guarantee that your shopp...

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