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Cheating While on the HCG Diet?

Posted by 17/06/2019 0 Comment(s) HCG,Weight Loss

Cheating while on the HCG Diet happens to the best of us whether we like it or not. Even though we are aware that cheating will do no good to use but somewhere along the way, we make mistakes.

Why cheat on the HCG Diet?

Reason #1: Cheating is almost involuntarily. It’s a hard routine to break. We all make mistake because we are just human and we’re on a very challenging weight loss plan.

Reason #2: We end up eating regular foods because we are sick and tired of eating the same foods over and over again.

Reason #3: We sometimes end up in the right place but at a wrong time like an office party or a wedding.

Reason #4: Emotional eating. We end up eating the wrong food to comfort us.

What will happen if I cheat?

Cheating on the HCG Diet can be disastrous. If you are lucky enough, nothing will happen. You will not lose any weight nor will you gain some for a day or two. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the outcome of cheating. The end product of cheating will always be weight gain. Cheating can literally make you gain weight. It can be from a couple of pounds to almost 5 pounds! It can slow down your weight loss and increase your hunger. Cheating often times can stall our weight loss for several days. The worst that can happen to you is to change your mindset.  

What to do when you cheated?

If you have cheated on the HCG diet, don’t fret. You can’t undo what’s been done but you can stop any more damage from happening. Once you have had a bite or two, don’t give in to the temptations for good because it will only make the matter worse. Try to think of the HCG Diet as a learning and growing process. If you are thinking of giving up or start doing the diet again, then think again. A single slip or even two shouldn’t stop you from reaching your goal. So, shake off all those feelings of disappointments and negativity because we’re here to help you.

The best thing to do to fix a cheat

  • Eat clean for a few days after you cheat but do not skip a meal. Try ditching out your carbs and fruits to lower the carb and sugar content. You can also replace the lost calories by eating more veggies.
  • Drink more water but do not overdo. Water will help flush out sodium, toxins and even fat out of your body.
  • Do not do “Apple Day” because an apple day was not created to fix a cheat but to break a weight loss stall.