Breaking your Soda Addiction with the HCG Diet

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What’s in the soda?

Soda is made with addictive ingredients like sugar, caffeine, and carbonated water that triggers your body to produce insulin that stimulates your cravings. Drinking soda can weaken your kidneys and liver. Soda contains high levels of phosphoric acids that cause renal problems. Consuming soda during the HCG diet can cause weight gain.

One of the major ingredients of soda is sugar. Most people consume soda every day as part of their lifestyle. The regular bottle of soda has 10 teaspoons of sugar. Soda is the leading culprit of weight gain and obesity in the US. It also contributes to the growing number of people having diabetes and other diseases.

What is soda addiction?

The sweet flavor of soda gives a little push that makes you come back for more sips. If your soda cravings turn into dependency, physical and mental health follows. You’ll become addicted to soda and these can lead to weight gain and other health issues.

One of the signs that you are addicted to soda is when you start to feel constant cravings for its taste. Dealing with the addiction to soda takes time and strict protocol to follow. It is when the HCG enters the scene.

Finding it hard to break your soda addiction?

Follow these tips below:

  1. Make up your mind and give up soda before starting the HCG diet. Commit to starting a new habit and make it happen. Giving up soda improves your weight loss during the HCG diet. Stay away from the foods that taste the same as soda or have the same ingredients as soda.
  2. Do not stop abruptly when you break your addiction to void withdrawal symptoms. Start having less consumption per day until your body will adjust to it. Switch to healthier choices such as water, tea, and coffee. The HCG diet does not allow processed beverages including soda.
  3. Instead of a large-sized soda, you have to start cutting down per serving. Opt for a small can or avoid buying a soda when your order foods outside. You can also go for coffee to reduce your risk of strokes and heart diseases. It can also boost your metabolism and burns extra calories from the foods you eat. Coffee is best in the morning as your breakfast sip.
  4. Drinking tea is also an alternative to deal with soda addiction. The HCG diet allows sugar-free tea any time of the day. Tea can lower blood cholesterol levels and it also boosts your focus. It improves mental alertness and lowers high-stress levels.
  5. Avoid sugar-sweetened foods to curb your cravings. Instead of drinking your favorite soda get a cup of green tea and use stevia to improve its taste. The sugar in soda is one of the triggers of your cravings. Replace it with natural sweeteners and other alternatives.
  6. The most important thing during the HCG diet is your HCG shots. Take your HCG injections every day at the same time. It will help you deal with your food addiction including your addiction to soda. The HCG will also suppress your appetite so that the VLCD will be tolerable.

Breaking soda addiction is tough but it will all be worth it in the end. When you quit drinking soda, you can see promising results of your HCG diet.