Best workout practices for employed people

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In the present times people are too busy in their lives as the workload is increasing day by day whether they are at working at office or home. Excessive work is the main reason for which people are nowadays suffering from stiffness in neck & shoulders and severe back pain. You should do little workout in the office which will certainly help you to get over these problems.

For employed people the best workout practices include definite flexions and stretching. You can even perform such workouts by sitting in your office chair also. Moreover, there are various typical stretching exercises and some of them have been mentioned below:

(1) Wrist stretch workout: You can perform this by extending one hand and stretching the finger of the hand with the other.

(2) Wrist and forearm stretch workout: In this workout you will have to press your hands in the front of the chest and in this way would be able to gently bend the wrists to the right and the left.

(3) Workouts for lower body: (a) Hip flexion: In this workout you will have to sit tall with the abs in, and lifting either of the foot and holding it for a few seconds. (b) Inner thigh flexions: for this workout you can simply have to place a firm plastic bottle in between the thighs and will have to squeeze it halfway and then will have to release it repeatedly.

(4) Dips: in this case just move the hips in the chairs and bend the elbows by lowering the body till the elbows are perpendicular to the floor. In addition, try to do other workouts which suit your body whenever you get time.