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Avoiding Hunger in Three Easy Steps

Posted by hcg24.com 3/06/2019 0 Comment(s) HCG,Weight Loss


Hunger peaks on the 5th and 6th day of the HCG Diet. So what do you do during these days?

The good news is that while your hunger peaks on the 5th and 6th day, so is your weight loss. While you are hungry and frustrated during the first few days, you are also being rewarded by losing around 1 to 3 pounds a day. The amount of weight you are losing will motivate you more to get through your diet with HCG.

To help you make it through the first week, simply follow these three easy steps:

STEP 1- Load Properly

It may sound counter-productive but the loading phase is equally important as other phases of the HCG Diet. The main purpose of loading is to prepare your body for the diet. The sudden increase in fat will jumpstart your diet so your body can use the reserve fat. It will also provide an immediate release of calorie reserve to sustain you during the first 3 days of VLCD

Load properly by focusing on high-fat foods. There is no specific limit on the number of calories that you will eat but you shouldn’t go overboard with it. Stick with naturally fatty foods like butter, yogurt, dairy products, avocados, eggs and fatty fish. Avoid gorging on a bunch of fatty foods or desserts high in vegetable oil. Avoid eating too many carbs too.

STEP 2- Prepare HCG Diet approved foods ahead of time

Preparing your foods ahead of time is a major key to a successful diet. It will prevent you from “cheating” which we will be discussing next and from eating out even on a single meal. Setting the alarm for 15 in preparing for your meal can make all the difference in your success.

STEP 3- Cheat properly

Cheating on the HCG Diet is a BIG NO but if you can’t really help it then do it properly.  Proper cheating will have little to no effect at all on your success. How to do it?

  • Cheat on greens– If you are truly hungry cheat on the approved HCG Diet veggies for snacks. Celery is a good choice for it has negative calories. Avoid cucumbers and anything with seeds inside because they are high in carbs.
  • Make some Slushie treat– Slushies are ultimate guiltless dessert. They’re delicious, quite filling and has low to no calories at all.
  • Cheat on proteins- Cheat on proteins when you feel like you want to freak out. Beef jerky paired with celery are perfect snack foods that won’t hurt your diet. Beef jerky has a great protein/ fats and carb ratios.

So, there you have it! I do hope these three easy steps to avoid being hungry on your first few days on the HCG Diet will motivate you more to achieve greater success.

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